Want to Travel with Bitcoins: Here Are the Top 10 Countries Where You Can Do So


There are very few activities in life that people love more than travelling. The lure of experiencing a fresh destination, meeting new people, trying exotic new cuisines is something all of us look forward to. The travel industry generates billions of dollars in global revenue as well as provided livelihood opportunities to millions all over the world.

Travel as an industry has always tried to keep pace with the latest innovations in financial technology always. Whether it has been digital wallets, or online currency conversions, the travel industry has always welcomes technological advancements.

In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 travel destinations in the world where you can travel with Bitcoins. This is going to help travellers understand places, which welcome cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, as well as stay away from certain places, where they are banned.

Top 10 Countries where you can travel with Bitcoins: The List

1. Switzerland-

One of the world’s most scenic locations is also the most welcoming one when it comes to Bitcoins. The country is one of the earliest proponents of cryptocurrencies and accepts payments in Bitcoins practically everywhere throughout its borders.

2. Singapore-

One of the world’s leading financial capitals has been favouring the use of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology for some time. The Singapore Government is also mulling the possibility of setting up a single countrywide regulation for cryptocurrencies.

3. Japan-

Japan has been famous for being one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoins in the world. In fact, the government in Japan was one of the first ones in the world to classify Bitcoins as a form of legal transaction and tender. You can use Bitcoins to do practically everything in Japan.

4. Germany-

Very recently, Germany has adopted a positive stance towards cryptocurrencies. The government and the finance ministry of Germany have also passed a law, which allows national banks and private banks in Germany to store, transact and trade in Bitcoins.

5. Belarus-

The Eastern European country of Belarus has been establishing quite a name for itself as a Cryptocurrency Capital. You are likely to find Crypto Exchanges, Mining, CIOs, Blockchain Contracts and other related developments in this small country, taking place aggressively.

6. Georgia-

A picturesque Eastern European nation, which attracts tourists from all over the world, is also very welcoming of Bitcoins. From paying for a meal to doing shopping, as well as tickets in public transport networks, Georgia encourages payments in Bitcoins.

7. Estonia-

There are very few nations, which have shown as much zeal and effort to start their own cryptocurrency as Estonia has. The country believes that crypto is going to be the future of global finance and encourages people to use Bitcoins for making transactions within its borders.

8. Gibraltar-

The tiny beach nation of Gibraltar (south of Spain) is one of the hottest tourists and party destinations in the world. With sun-kissed shorelines and exotic locals, the country has based its entire tourism industry on the back of Bitcoin exchanges and transactions.

9. Bermuda-

It is no secret that Bermuda is not only a traveller’s paradise, it is also one of the hotspots for being a tax-free haven. This means that many individuals and companies store massive amounts of cash in Bermuda along with Bitcoins. Travellers are free to use Bitcoins for stay and other purposes.

10. Malta-

The tiny island nation of Malta is a famous name in the Online Casino and Gaming Industry – QYTO.COM casino reviews website informs. However, of late, the country is branching out and diversifying into Bitcoins. If you are going to Malta and want to use Bitcoins, you will have no issues.


Many of the countries mentioned in the list are also high on the purview of Bitcoin investors. Investing in Bitcoin within the borders of these countries mean that your investments are going to be safe, secure and tax-free in nature. If you wish to know more about trading and investing in Bitcoins, please visit- market master


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