Water Filter – Healthy Water For A Healthy You

Water is an essential part of life, with the average person drinking around 10 cups a day, but people shouldn’t settle when it comes to something so important to their health, that’s one reason why so many people buy bottled water because it comes from the finest mountain ranges, but there’s a cheaper way to consume a cup of water, by using your tap and the Zero Water Water Filter to purify what you drink.

The Zerowater Filter has space for 12 cup/2.8 litre of purified water, it’s TDS filter system, standing for Total Dissolved Solids, removes all sorts of substances that might appear in your kitchen sink glass of water, like silt and dead leaves, even sewage or inorganic substances like fluoride, chlorides, sulfates and equally as worrying, metals such as lead and copper, the Zerowater Filter takes care of these almost invisible problems for you, leaving you with a clean cup of water.

Their ‘ion-exchange’ technology inside the Zerowater filters out 99.6% of TDS, this means it provides the equivalent levels of TDS as you would find in any purified bottled water (a microscopic 0.04%)

The purified water does taste slightly different, but you’ll soon get used to this clean taste, and knowing that you’re enjoying one of life’s pleasures in an almost perfect state makes it all that more enjoyable.

​​​​​​​At only £39.99 it won’t be long before you harvest the benefits of your investment. Its compact design means it will fit neatly into your fridge door. Furthermore, think of the reduction in your plastic consumption, the positive impact on the planet and your pocket. For more information visit Zerowater.co.uk

Oliver Walkey

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