Ways to celebrate an event via social media.

Ways to celebrate an event via social media

It is important for your company to include their followers in everything that goes on. A key event, or celebration should be shared with them so they feel involved and build a great relationship with the brand.

Different ways you can Organize an event:

·     Competition – This is a fun way to involve your followers in an important event. It can be related to the event such as ‘guess what day we made our first sale’ if it’s a work anniversary. This will encourage followers to engage with you and add a little depth to your campaign.

·     Party – Everyone loves a party, so isn’t this a great way to get people to love you? Organise a party for your company – over social media, invite clients, potential clients, collegues, partners etc.. to this party. You can make an event on Facebook showing exact details and could even run a Twitter competition where the winner will be announced on the evening. A hashtag could be created about the event where people could click on it to see further details in other posts.

·     Include employees – Don’t forget to give credit to your employees when celebrating an event. This will show followers that it’s not all about ‘you’ and the employees are valued aswell!

·     Acknowledge clients – Send out tweets to clients thanking them for their business (unless they’re confidential) to improve the relationship. Hopefully they will engage in conversation with you, and reTweet etc, increasing your exposure and customer reach.

·     Revamp – If it is a milestone in your companies development that you are celebrating, it is a good idea to change the appearance of your brand. It doesn’t have to be a major change, but anything will bring a little excitement to the name. For example, you could re-decorate your offices and post gradual pictures on Twitter. Before and after shots will show a new image for the brand.


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