Ways Your Employees Can Contribute to Improving Your Marketing Campaigns

You may have a marketing team in your company, but they are not the only ones you can rely on to do a great job advertising your business. You also need to count on your entire team to help in marketing. You need all of them to improve your company’s popularity, and there are various ways for them to contribute.

Encourage them to advertise using social media

Probably, all your employees have Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you recently launched an online campaign, tell them to post the said campaign on their social media. They might have hundreds of friends who can see their post. If you have around twenty employees, and each employee has a hundred friends, you will reach thousands of people if they all share the campaign. Of course, you don’t have to force them to post anything on their personal account, but if they believe in the campaign, they will be willing to do it.

Ask for their input

You might already have a plan regarding your next campaign. For instance, if you are designing a pull up banner, you might already know what words to use and what pictures would be appropriate. Before you print the final design, you should ask them about their opinion. They can be honest with you about the appeal of the design. They might also help double check spelling and grammar issues. As a part of the team, they can contribute to improving the design. You can even have a vote in the office to decide which campaign to use.

Let them read previous comments

You need to conduct regular surveys and evaluations regarding the feelings of the consumers regarding the ads that you release. If there are frequent comments and suggestions, you need to let employees know about them. They might improve what they are doing based on the comments received.

Allow them to give anonymous feedback

Not all employees will have the courage to say their thoughts out loud. They know that for some marketing campaigns the top bosses worked hard, even if the employees think something is wrong with the strategy. If you want to encourage comments and suggestions, create an anonymous line. You can have a suggestion box somewhere in the office or an online forum where they can comment as an anonymous user. You need to hear their real thoughts and not just the ideas you want to hear.

Involve them in meetings

Even if you have a strong marketing team, employees outside the team can also contribute. You need to ask some of them to join meetings if they wish to help. You can even open the session to employees who want to add to the success of your next marketing campaign.

The success of any company is a team effort. You need to acknowledge that their job might involve not only their current job description but other tasks too. As long as they help boost the company, don’t hesitate to ask them.


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