Web Design Trends 2020: What’s Happening will Inspire You

As successful business owners know, keeping on top of trends is important. One of those trends is web design, with the latest styles being ones that have the potential to grab the attention of your target audience and boost sales. Here are 2020 web design trends to inspire your strategy.

Dark Design

The option for users to enable dark backgrounds is big right now, and one you might want to consider for your app. The dark mode makes colors stand out more and intensifies design elements too. The look is clean, minimalistic, and powerful when done correctly.


You have likely seen an increase in the use of animation since last year. Photo gifs and illustrations come to life on many web pages today. The creations have a fun look that can make your audience feel like they can relate to you and that your brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. These elements are engaging and generate interest in your brand.

Innovative Navigation

Help your website stand out from others with creative navigation menus. Menus are a key element to site design and layout, and they needn’t be boring. An experienced digital marketing agency understands balance menu usability with design so that the creative elements do not overpower its functionality.

Layered Design

Web design with layers is another exciting 2020 trend. It is all about creating depth. The pseudo-3D effect adds visual interest, whether it uses texts or photos to do so. This style looks like a series of floating elements, which are enhanced by soft shadows.


You will likely notice the broken grid and asymmetrical balance of many homepages. The layout is more interesting than being traditionally symmetrical as it presents blocks of info in different sizes rather than being identical halves. While the halves are different than one another, the composition still creates visual balance.

Vintage Inspiration

The nostalgic look is trending too. But it’s not completely back as many websites are only including sentimental pieces and mixing those bits with modern style. Both the typography and colors harken back to older eras, all while keeping a contemporary aesthetic so that nothing looks outdated. Outstanding designs can evoke a sense of the 1970s, especially in turns of colour, as well as the 1980s and 1990s.

Big Fonts

Another typography trend is increasing font sizes. The large size can take over half or more than half of the homepage on some areas of business websites. The easy-to-read fonts that prevent eye strain can combine with large images to convey the brand’s philosophy at a glance. The bold type has continued to dominate modern web design since 2019 and looks to be a trend for a while to come.

Final Words on Web Design Trends in 2020

The most popular trends of this year include animations, large typography, layers, and dark elements. Web designers are working with companies to provide noteworthy designs that are modern and exciting. Starting the next decade by refreshing your business website could be the best next step for your organization’s growth.


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