What a simple thing like your desk says about the way you work

Everyone has their own ways of working, some flourish in a chaotic, seemingly unorganised environment, while others require pure organisation, clean surfaces and a solid sense of direction. One of the standout methods of working out the work ethic behind the employee is the way in which they keep their desk. Is it messy or is it organised? Do they prefer to stand and reply to emails or slouch in their seat while enjoying a coffee? Here are just a few of the things your desk could say about you.

Mess shows lack of organisation

When somebody has an untidy desk, it can mean one of two things – but at the end of the day it all depends on what sort of industry you work in. An untidy desk may be acceptable in a creative environment, but in a more corporate setting a messy desk can signal towards unprofessionalism, a lack of organisation, and a certain level of incompetence. With this in mind it might be a good idea to do a little bit of spring cleaning every now and then, or even learn more about luxury office design.

Too tidy makes you seem uptight

Alternatively, a desk that’s too tidy can have similar effects on your colleagues and clients’ opinions of you. The key to painting yourself in a positive light in the workplace is to have a desk that’s messy enough to seem like you’ve been cracking on with a load of work, while also being tidy enough to show that you’re not just a completely unorganised mess. Some people thrive on organisation and like to align their files, stationary and desk space to near perfection (although this can sometimes give off the impression that maybe you’re a little uptight). However, at the end of the day who’s really looking at the state of your desk when it’s the fundamentals and finances that really matter.

Where’s your personality?

Especially in the creative industries, the style and nature of your desk can be a great way of offering clients a little bit of insight into your personality. There are many luxury office designers available who can create offices and desk spaces to match the nature of your work. So, whether you’re an architect who requires an upright, well-lit table, or you’re an artist who needs a durable worktop for your artistic projects, it’s always a good idea to be creative and flexible in the way you set up your workspace.

Crumbs everywhere

Now that we’ve established the main facts of that matter, it’s time to look at the point that really seals the deal when it comes to painting yourself in a bad light and providing an extremely negative desk vibe. Many of us now choose or are forced into a working lunch, which means checking emails at your desk while inhaling a sandwich or various assortments of lunchtime snacks. Crumbs across your desk not only shows you to be a messy eater, but it highlights you as being a little bit of a slob too. Nobody wants to walk around the office with the nickname ‘Crumb’ because they don’t know how to apply a surface wipe to their working surface, do they?

Whether you prefer pure, unadulterated organisation or the comforting and chaotic desk space of a creative artist is completely up to you, but at the end of the day the choices that are made when it comes to designing your luxury office space will always be undermined by the presence of crumbs on your desk.


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