What are the best card machines for small business in 2019?

There are many small businesses across the UK that require the ability to easily accept credit card payments and today there are many solutions to aid in getting paid on the spot.

Especially ideal for those businesses on the go be it you own a mobile coffee van or you are selling art online, there are many safe and secure payment solutions available on the market and as more and more options become available then the good news is that the prices for them become more competitive and reduced!

We take a look at some of the more commonly known options for you to chose from:

  • Sumup: Founded in 2012 and with hundreds of thousands of small businesses users globally, the easy to use SumUp Air Card Reader allows for contactless, card reading and manual data input in order for you to charge clients credit cards. Currently it is a £19 + VAT purchase price for the unit, no set up fee or monthly contract and a very tiny 1.69% transaction fee.
  • iZettle: Currently on the market with a promotion for just £19 + VAT to purchase the iZettle unit along with no monthly fees and a 1.75% card transaction fee and 2.5% ecommerce fee. Claims on their website include: “iZettle accepts card and contactless payments 25% faster than other mobile card machines on the market“.
  • PayPal Here: Up to €1,500 a month the fee is 2.75% – over and above €15,000 monthly is just 1%. Easy to use downloadable app for Apple (iPhone & iPad) / Android. The cost of the card reader is £45 + VAT with free UK delivery.
  • Shopify: Has several packages on offer starting from $29 monthly with an additional 1.7% transaction fee per in-person credit card payments. Offers such extras as 24/7 support, discount codes, dual accounts, free SSL certificate and more.
  • Squareup: For £39 + VAT you can purchase the easy to set up (within five minutes it states on their website) Square Reader accepting chip and PIN cards, contactless cards and mobile payments. The rates are 1.75% for Chip and PIN or contactless payments and 2.5% for manually typed in card payments.

Title image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/account-bank-business-buy-card-1778/


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