What buying fake social media fans and followers means to your brand.

We get asked very frequently if we sell fake fans and followers to help businesses on social media improve their profiles. It is something we do not offer nor recommend so we thought it useful to dedicate a blog to the reasons why you should not look to flood your social media accounts with fake content.

The best way to get a return on your efforts from social media is to understand your target audience and to build a target following by delivering regular engaging, entertaining and educational content. As you work on your social media accounts and start to follow others you will see that in return others will follow back and even more so if you offer something for which interests them. There is nothing wrong by following others on social media in hope that they recognise you and follow back, neither is it bad to share, like and reTweet content in order to both me social and to once again attract the interest of others. To simply look at cheating these core values of social media and simply purchase fake followers, you could end up damaging your brand.

Why not to purchase fake followers / fans on social media:

  • It is very obvious to others that you have purchased fake followers and fans. Especially on Twitter, you can study someone’s following and fake followers are very easy to spot.
  • You will gain no interaction from fake followers and fans and over a period of time these accounts will become banned and suspended so if you purchase a set amount, be prepared that these numbers will slowly decline to nothing.
  • Fake fans and followers can spam your timelines.
  • Social media is not all about numbers, it is having a target audience so purchasing huge numbers will not deliver you any better results.
  • You could find your own account being suspended / terminated if the likes of Twitter and Facebook find out you are cheating their systems.



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