What content to share on your Facebook Business Page.

A very common question that we get asked especially as it now seems companies find it harder to attract interest and new likes on their Facebook business pages. We thought we would share some basic tips and ideas on the content we recommend you should be sharing in order to see better results from your efforts:

  • Initiate a discussion / debate ideally about something within your industry and which is currently trending.
  • What’s new in your business? Share the latest news within your business, even if it is who’s recently joined or left!
  • Think seasonal or promotions and use that all important Facebook header image space to change when applicable.
  • Ask your audience questions and feedback – This can be industry or general, ie ‘What’s England’s chances of winning the World Cup’!
  • Photos and videos. If you have any recent updates to share that are visual then use your timeline to share these!
  • Blogs. If you have blogs on your website or at the least interesting blogs on other news portal website then share these.
  • Giveaways. Caption contest, upload best photos, best questions, fan of the month etc.
  • Polls. Ask an industry related questions and get people to share their feedback.


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