What Dirty Little Secrets Could Your Restaurant Be Hiding?

Most people assume that restaurants are clean and sterile establishments. After all; they are places where food gets cooked and served on a daily basis. And they are popular at all times of the day, not just dinner. So, with that in mind, they should be kept clean at all times, right? But here’s the thing: some of them could be hiding some dirty secrets!


If you run a restaurant business, the above statement might worry you. Even if you believe you have high standards when it comes to cleaning, there might be some doubt in your mind. So, what could your restaurant be hiding that you don’t know? Here are some of the ways your restaurant could be dirty without you even knowing:




Drink vending machines


Does your restaurant feature a self-serve drink vending machine? Perhaps you serve your customers drinks from behind a bar? In any event, those machines could be dirtier than your toilets!


Yes, you no doubt instruct your employees to clean the machines and around them. But, what about the nozzles where the drinks get dispensed? You might not know it, but they tend to harbour all kinds of microorganisms! As such, it becomes a breeding ground for things like bacteria and mould.


If you don’t already, I recommend that you get those nozzles cleaned on a regular basis. It might shock you just how dirty they are the first time you clean them!


Salad bars


Another feature in many restaurants is the inclusion of self-serve salad bars. It is a brilliant way to encourage your customers to eat more healthy foods. Plus, it’s obviously one of the things you can make a lot of profit from each day!


One disadvantage of having a salad bar is cross-contamination. Sure, you might have a routine where the area gets cleaned and restocked several times a day. However, your customers could be inadvertently spreading germs and bacteria on the food. If that thought worries you, or you get a lot of complaints from customers feeling ill, that may be the reason!


Air conditioning systems


The beauty of climate control systems is they keep your customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, they are a boon for people with asthma as they filter the incoming air blown down to the restaurant.


You often find air conditioning systems fitted in many commercial premises, not just restaurants. So, why are they a bad thing, I hear you ask? Well, if you don’t usually turn the heating on (i.e. they only blow cold air) they can harbour bacteria.


Buffet bar food


Does your restaurant offer a buffet bar where customers can help themselves to “all you can eat” food? If so, how often does the food get rotated in your buffet area?


If you tend to leave food like meat and poultry there for a long time, they could cause health problems. It’s crucial to have a stringent rotation system in place for buffet bars. And it’s even more important for your staff to adhere to them!


So, now you know the dirty little secrets a restaurant could be hiding. Make sure your establishment isn’t guilty of any of them!


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