What good is great content if it isn’t seen by anyone?

Marketing is a really interesting subject that draws in billions of pounds and involves millions of people all more or less aiming for the same results – Getting your message seen by the right people!

There are many forms of marketing from that poster on the back of a bus to advertising with Facebook, visual content such as videos to simple box adverts in the classified section of the local printed newspaper – business cards, television adverts, beach flags, branded T-Shirts… the list is somewhat endless.

Content marketing is one current trend that brings about great results for driving awareness and especially online. The key combination to put in to action, especially if you are looking to get exposure for your business / your clients business, is producing quality content and making sure it is distributed out to the best channels in order to be seen – Hence the title of this blog!

Great Content: This starts from the very beginning in initially working out who you are looking to target and moulding your content around it. Both a current and attention grabbing headline, an eye-catching title image and quality images to enhance your content as well as a well written and engaging article enhanced by facts, statements, quotes, surveys will give your content the best opportunity to deliver results. Writers block can be a real pain but it can help to read someone else’s work here is a list of the 100 Best Books to build your business in 2019 to help you out.

Distribution: There is little point in investing time and money in to producing great content if it is not going to be seen. You need to make sure that your content will get the exposure it needs by placing it within platforms that are attracting the audiences you are after. Researching key influencers in the industry you are looking to target will almost certainly mean that the audiences they have will be the potential clients for your business that you are after – you should start to make enquiries to them re what content you have and wish to share with them.

If you are a business / PR agency / Content Marketing Agency then you need to find websites that accept sponsored blog content and hold sizeable audiences such as web traffic / social media followers. You will have to be prepared that these influencers will almost certainly charge to distribute your content from just a few pounds a tweet to £10,000’s for high subscribed to Youtube channels – on average you will pay between £25 – £100 to place sponsored blog on mid authority websites.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Marketme and other online news channels with big social media followings. You will find me mostly writing about property, housing, politics, and fine wine.