What Makes a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

Implementing a winning marketing campaign that gets the results you’re after is all down to fine tuning the key components of your strategy. Digital marketing like what Digital Spotlight offers plays a huge part in how successful your strategy will be, and even on a small budget, it’s possible to create a winning formula.

Ranking on Google

Search engine optimisation is a big deal for businesses of all sizes because of its power to convert potential clients into confirmed customers. Your entire web presence as a business should be tailored to rank in searches to get your products and services noticed. This can be achieved through the following:

  • On-site Optimisation
    Beyond the copy on your website, ensuring your site functions well technically on all platforms, including mobile, is about auditing your site’s metadata and sitemaps for a streamlined SEO optimised customer experience.
  • SEO Copywriting
    Your on-site copy is key; keep it concise, relevant and engaging, making sure key search terms are worked in naturally to your content. A content calendar is a way of keeping your site fresh and drawing in new customers – updating your content is paramount.
  • Link Building
    Creating links back to your site and its constituents is important to get your content noticed, driving traffic to your site.
  • Pay-Per-Click
    PPC performs and important function as a complement to your SEO strategy. If you have the budget to get paid links for your site, it’s highly effective to get your content ranking in searches.

Social Media Marketing

The Benefits

In today’s digital landscape, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all-important pieces of your marketing arsenal. The benefits of social are far reaching in terms of your web presence, and the beauty of social media is its power to strengthen your existing on-site content with links, spread brand awareness and most importantly, track your progress and measure success using online analytic tools.

Who’s Talking About Your Brand?

Social accounts allow you to see who’s talking about your brand, while also allowing you to shape the discussion. Social media accounts can be great tools build your client base by sharing creative PR campaigns and creating a personalised interface for customer interaction.

Get Your Customers Marketing For You

By interacting effectively with clients directly on social platforms, you are at once performing customer service and advocating your services – a win-win situation. You can use social media interaction and testimony (with permission) in your on site content to strengthen calls to action and encourage other clients to choose you.

These are just some of the key components that make up a successful digital marketing campaign, and having a mix of marketing methods will maximise your success. Get your web presence optimised, and the sky’s the limit.


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