What Social Gaming Can Mean For Your Business!

If you’re on Facebook for personal use, the likelihood is that you won’t have been fully immune to the countless requests when it comes to social gaming. From the Candy Crush Saga to Bubble Witch and beyond, gaming is taking place at unprecedented levels, and it’s now entirely inevitable. What difference does this make? Well, you might well be wondering. But as people feed their addiction to games across these platforms, there is now more reason than ever to improve your social media strategy.

Increased Gaming = Increased Social Media Use

83% of the UK now has an internet connection in their home, with 53% accessing social media on a regular basis. Among younger users, this figure rises to up to 93%, according to the Office of National Statistics. With these figures in mind, there are obviously a whole lot of people that can be targeted! If they’re logging on to game, you can bet they’re logging on to engage with friends, too. Why not your business? Make sure you’re posting relevant, regular updates because people are indeed out there, and they’re watching you!

Social Games Encourage New Ad Formats

If you want to directly take advantage of gamers, then advertising is where it’s at. Social gaming allows for an entire new canvas for advertisers, and people don’t tend to mind too much, because often, that’s what keeps the games free. In-game ads are 100% viewable, and so they will be seen by very high numbers of people. The best trick is to be respectful – if you want to engage users, wait for a suitable break in their gaming, or even advertise in the downtime to encourage them to click in order to gain a life back in the game they’re obsessing over, or something similar. This can then be reciprocally beneficial. You can of course still advertise on ordinary gaming websites, to target the web users who may still be gaming, but perhaps not strictly on social. A good trick to this type is to stick within the niche – for example, on the gaming finder site Bingo Find, advertisements are targeted within that niche.

A Range Of Audiences Can Be Reached

No matter whether your target audience is 12 or 74; they’re probably going to be playing games. The range of people who can see your ads is huge, and therefore so is the scope. As you’re not at all limited, you don’t have to worry about the reach being relevant. If people of the age, background and profession you’re looking at are going to be interested in your product, there’s a strong chance they’re already playing games.


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