What will brand building look like in 2020?

Have you ever asked yourself how digital culture changed in the last years? Some of you may not remember the times when you ate a cupcake without the ability to post a story on how delicious it is.

2020 is expected to bring major digital upgrades that will make the culture of today look old. When checking the strategies companies use to build their brand a few years ago, some of you will think how did they convince people to buy from them with so clunky methods?

Fierce competition and continual technology innovation have changed the idea of branding forever. 89% of companies state that brand building is their priority, and over 75% of them find a strong brand, essential for their marketing plans. A buyer needs from 5 to 7 interactions with a business to remember it.

Here is how companies should build their brand in 2020 if they want to match the market’s trends.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Mobile user interaction is imperative in 2020, so companies should shift their focus towards it. This has been a hot trend for some time, and the companies that refuse to integrate it will fail to remain competitive on the market.

Over 50% of your clients will try to read your content on a mobile device and if it’s not custom fit, they’ll close the page and choose one of your competitors. Ensure the buttons on your website are big enough, users to easily click on them, but not huge to occupy the entire screen. When writing content, keep the subject lines and paragraphs short to facilitate reading.

It’s expected in 2020 email marketing to be targeted and to offer personalised content to users on their mobile devices. Buyers want quality, not quantity.

Show your clients you have a social conscience

While some marketing trends are seasonal, and companies abandon them as fast as they adopt them, social conscience is expected to have a permanent significance. Nowadays, clients find paramount the companies they buy from to be eco-friendly They expect businesses to protect the environment and to promote diversity, inclusion and equal-chances.

You need to show to your clients that you care more about people than money if you want to boost trust and loyalty. Millennials think multinationals can solve certain problems society is dealing with and want them to step in. The clients who have a strong emotional connection with a brand have a 3x higher LTV.

IKEA is one example all companies should follow because it strives to build a sustainable future. The brand established a program that controls water usage in all stores, uses solar panels to power its facilities, and even local communities, and buy some of their materials from sustainable sources. They intend to use only renewable energy and they ensure the wood they use to manufacture products is harvested from green sources.

Join an online community

Online branded communities are a growing marketing trend, but few companies understand their value. 40% of buyers would stay loyal to a brand if it’s part of a community. 80% of the companies that have an online community state that it can improve their credibility and brand awareness.

An online community is basically a platform where buyers and companies can talk about certain subjects, offer and ask for advice and tips. When joining a community, companies can talk about their products without trying to convince the public to purchase. Communities also help companies better understand their clients’ needs.

Sephora is one of the brands that understood the importance of an online community, and it created an online forum called Beauty Insider Community. It facilitates conversations about products, trends, hacks, supplies and other subjects, people passionate about beauty are interested in. All Sephora buyers feel valued because the company allows them to share their experience with the brand. They can also submit photos to show how they used a certain product, or how it looks when unpacked. Sephora benefits by finding out their clients’ opinions and ensuring it provides products its customers would buy.

Personalise your brand

Your clients relate to the individuals behind the brand, not to the products. If they relate to your business in a personalised manner you can retain them and boost loyalty. You need to identify a way to build an authentic connection with your audience, and provide them with a personalised experience. For this you need to research to find out what marketing method better reaches them. Sapio Research recommends targeting the public interested to buy from you rather than a wide audience.

Subaru identified storytelling as one of the most effective ways to give a human touch to their brand. When creating ads, Subaru does more than trying to sell vehicles, they create a story around the car they manufacture. They collaborate with people who have their own authentic ways to tell a story.

You can follow Subaru’s example and show your brand’s unique personality in all your marketing projects. What’s your brand’s voice? Let’ your public hear it because they want to recognize a human behind the business. For example, people identify Morgan Freeman’s voice with the voice of God. You need to find someone with a voice that makes people feel comfortable, like they feel when they hear Freeman’s voice.

Influencer marketing is more effective than ever

Influencer marketing is not new, but this marketing method doesn’t show signs to abate in the near future. 50% of buyers seem to depend on the recommendations influencer make, so companies need to integrate this practice among their other marketing efforts.

Collaborating with someone your clients can relate to helps you build brand reliability and increase brand visibility. It’s important to hire someone who already addresses to your target public. Only because an influencer is famous in your country doesn’t mean they are the right choice for your brand.

Wrapping up

Brand marketing in 2020 is expected to be quite different from what businesses are expected to see. Adapting to the latest brand building trends will raise brand awareness and educate your clients.


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