What You Should Look for in an Event Staff Agency

There is often so much to think about when it comes to event planning – whether it’s for corporate purposes, or a formal social gathering. Sometimes, the task can seem overwhelming, and getting every single aspect of it right can feel impossible. Making a good impression on clients, customers, and members of the public attending these functions is essential and that’s why it’s often best to have a recruitment agency for event staff on hand.

Outfits such as this will typically have a team of brand ambassadors, temporary event managers and hospitality staff depending on your requirements to help make the event run smoothly, and one to be remembered for all the right reasons

Make sure there’s a team of dedicated professionals to help and assist and you won’t go far wrong – but if you need some guidance on what to look for, here’s what you should seek out when looking for an event staff agency to steer your gathering to success. There are actionable tips for event planners and companies looking to hire an event staffing agency, so you can all make an informed decision and ensure the success of your event.

Look at the reputation and track record of the team

Reputation is key – and a strong track record of providing professional support and outstanding customer service to clients is essential. Agencies like Event People will always have lots of superb client testimonials and satisfied customers who’ve left positive comments about their service. Look at the company website, and their social media presence and read any reviews. Consider the kinds of companies they’ve worked with in the past and ensure that they fit your ethos and branding.

Good, reputable agencies that have a solid track record of delivering first-class service, one that always exceeds client’s expectations. Top brands will trust them for their events, and they’ll be able to host a wide range of different gatherings too.

What’s their industry experience like?

It’s crucial that a professional event staffing agency has good form and great experience in their field. Every event is different, whether it’s a festival or a corporate conference – a gala dinner or an awards ceremony. Each company will have its own way of doing things and unique requirements that need to be met.

For instance, you wouldn’t book a wedding agency to cover your tradeshow – nor would you expect a conference specialist to put on a brilliant day for someone’s nuptials! Choose an agency who has plenty of experience in handling a wide variety of events – or is a specialist in one area that is the same as yours. They’ll need to be able to respond to specific challenges, and any last-minute detail and schedule changes and they should always provide tailored staffing solutions that completely match the objectives of their client.

Do they train their staff properly?

Staff training is another key requirement. Event agency staff must always prioritise professionalism, and excellent customer service and have the relevant skill sets for their core competencies. Event staff cover a wide range of jobs – everything from catering and sound crew to cleaning staff and everyone must be appropriately trained.

Ask about what recruitment processes they use, how they train their staff, and what certifications they hold. Great event agencies will invest in the staff they hire and make sure they’re always up to date with the training they need to carry out their jobs to the best of their ability.

Are they a company that can be flexible and adaptable?

Events often change at the last minute, schedules can alter and unexpected things can happen. How flexible is the agency in adapting to change and – how does it cope when things sometimes go awry? Can they give you different or more staff at short notice? If an event changes in size or structure can they accommodate those changes? If the answer to those is ‘yes’, they’re a great match for you.

Can they meet diversity requirements?

Every event is unique and will have different staffing challenges – whether it’s the need for technical support and sound crew, specific security people, or meet and greeters. Check that the company can assist you with fulfilling your staffing requirements at every stage.

A great agency will discuss everything down to the last full stop and assure you that they have the correct diversity of staff to make sure your event goes with a swing.

Take all these factors into consideration and always ask direct questions and chat with the event agency you’re thinking of hiring. By doing so, you’re making sure you’re a fantastic match for each other and that you want the very best for your event. You’ll get it when you hire fantastic professionals like Event People to work alongside you.


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