When blunt knives get in the way – Any Sharp pocket knife sharpener:

The amount of times that I have been at events be it a friends house warming party to food/wine events and have needed to sharpen a blunt knife, even those times when camping and taking along the old trusted Swiss Army knife, a blunt blade has haunted me. Many people will simply forget what a sharp knife is like and especially for when you are cooking, struggling to slice the bread or even attempting to clean cut through a tomato is simply brushed aside if you are someone who regularly keeps their knives in their draw sharpened.

Up until only recently I used the basic knife sharpening rod/steel, you know that long thin near fencing sword type of kitchen utensil, that you had to work hard at for each knife in order to get the sharpness back in to the blade – Then one day someone, when we were needed to be rescued as we had a kitchen full of blunt knives, pulled out a key-ring with an easy to use pocket knife sharpener.

A simple and easy to use tool, conveniently small also, that allows you to run your blade of the knife through a couple of times in order to bring it back to life. It is also important to note that along with knives, these handy little tools can also sharpen the likes of scissors, blades, small garden shovels and axes and many other instruments made from metal that require a sharpened edge.

Simple and effect – Always with me on a trip and adventure! Any Sharp pocket knife sharpener.


Oliver Walkey

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