Who to follow on Twitter?

Your success on Twitter really boils down to three important factors which are:

  • The content you share.
  • The frequency you use Twitter.
  • The followers you build.

For this blog we will look at the followers you build and how to successfully target the right ones to help build your brand awareness and interactions on Twitter. It is an important topic to master as the other two important elements of being successful on Twitter relies mostly on it, ie the quality of the people who follow you on Twitter. So…

Unless you are looking to impress your friends and family, there could be no value what so ever in having 100,000 followers on Twitter, except to say ‘Look at me, I have 100,000 followers’. If these followers have been purchased then you’ll find the value behind them is less than zero, or maybe you have just used trends such as follow for follow to attract new followers, once again you will find that your audience will be very inactive on Twitter and certainly not interested in the products and services you are offering. Instead, you need to look at building an active, target audience that will interact with you and be much more likely to engage with you and go through to your capture website.

Some tips when it comes to finding the right people on Twitter to follow and interact with:

  • Look for local people and businesses on Twitter as these are more likely to follow back and engage with you as they may recognise you or happy to support a fellow local business.
  • Look to interact with those who share the same interests as you either on their user profile description or maybe by their username. Look in to ‘lists’ on Twitter on the subjects you are seeking to work in, usually these lists will contain members who are interested in or working within the keywords you have searched for.
  • Check out search results for the Keywords that are important to you and your business. Search out hashtags on keywords and see who is talking and what they are talking about to decide if you want to engage with them / follow them.
  • Do not always follow accounts with high amount of followers and low amounts of who they follow. They are likely not to follow back and unlikely on average to engage with you, especially if they are famous people or national / international brands.
  • Follow and engage with people who are active rather than those who have not been using Twitter much.

There is no golden rule for who to follow and who to engage with on Twitter and you will only really get a feel for this by spending more time on Twitter and finding out what works and what doesn’t. It is important to build yourself an active target audiences and you’ll find that having 100 followers could be worth much more than 100,000 if yours are targeted over purchased / spam accounts.


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