Who’s Most Likely To Become A New Customer For Your Business?

While you’ll have all kinds of goals for your business, your primary concern is most likely to generate a profit. Of course, an essential way to boost your profits is to attract clientele. But where do they come from? Some companies market aimlessly without keeping any track of how they’re generating business in the first place. By identifying where you’re most likely to gain new buyers from, you can focus on increasing your profits even more.

Marketing involves boosting your efforts on all fronts. New clients can come from all kinds of places, so it’s best to try and draw them in from wherever possible. Analytics and customer surveys can often help identify how your clientele found your company. But if you’re ready to take on more customers, you’re most likely looking for ways to find them. Here are some pointers on who is most likely to become a new customer for your business.

Website Visitors

Computer and smartphone usage is becoming increasingly prominent for people of all backgrounds. It’s important you make your business accessible online. A stand-out website will make your company look professional and modern. It will also attract potential customers.

The internet is the most likely place your business will come to the attention of their buyers. Due to this, you’ll want to have a website that everyone can use. You need to make your site usable on all popular browsers, as well as smartphones. One study found websites that aren’t available on portable devices turn people away.

The best way to handle this is to have a digital marketing agency design your website for you. Companies specialising in web marketing will have the expertise to make your site fully functional. You can also get help for marketing your website. Conversion optimisation can boost the chances of web visitors turning into customers.

This is one of the main sources of customers. Other online marketing strategies often rely on you having a website, so make sure you do this first. For instance, you could add a business blog to your site, with engaging content to spread to potential consumers.

Social Media Followers

Your website isn’t the only place on the internet customers might find you. Almost 40% of the world’s population use social media. These users are likely to become customers for companies with a significant social media presence.

Businesses use all kinds of social media marketing strategies to attract new clientele. You can post interesting, business-related news with relevant hashtags. You can also post sales promotions and competitions to pique the interest of those who wouldn’t initially be customers.

It’s important to develop a following first. Make sure you’re on Twitter and Facebook, as these are two of the most efficient networks for businesses. Post content every day. People who follow you will like and share interesting posts, so your company can reach more potential customers.

Friends Of Existing Customers

Word-of-mouth is still very effective at bringing in customers. Over 80% of Americans rely on recommendations before deciding where to spend their money. This applies to all kinds of industries. Whether you’re a restaurant or a construction service, give your customers something to talk about.

This highlights the importance of pleasing your clientele. A customer who has a bad experience will share it not only with friends but often also in online reviews. While a decent experience will keep customers happy, going the extra mile will make sure they tell other people.

Many of your customers will be people who heard your business is a good place to buy from. Make sure they’re impressed.

People On The Street


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Ever been walking through town and been enticed to go in somewhere because of their sign or display? For businesses with physical locations, their main source of customers is often people who pass by them on the street.

Make sure you have an excellent display sign. This should include your logo and business name. Having an eye-catching and easily distinguishable sign will ensure satisfied customers come back. For instance, sometimes when all you want is fast food, you’ll be looking out for that big yellow ‘M’. You should also have large notices for any sales or customer offers.

Even if your business operates online, you can attract people on the street. Many companies make use of creative street marketing campaigns. You don’t need a full-blown wall painting or statue, sometimes just putting stickers and flyers up can help. Pedestrians who notice your name and website will often look it up later, and could become customers.



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