Why Does No One Want To Work In Your Warehouse?

Do you struggle to fill warehouse roles within your company? Do your warehouse workers jump to office jobs as soon as one becomes available? If yes, then it’s a sure sign that something’s going wrong in your warehouse. But, what?

Admittedly, the workplace warehouse is a pretty hard employment sale – warehouses typically involve strenuous workloads and monotonous tasks, completed in a vast, echoing workspace. Still, none of that makes warehouse jobs inherently bad. In fact, companies who have perfected warehouse processes often have their pick of the draw for filling roles here.

The fact that everyone looks the other way when you’re advertising a warehouse role suggests that you’re not in that privileged position yet. But, what is it about your warehouse that means no one wants to work there?

Non-existent training

Even general warehouse jobs are a risky business. These spaces are filled with dangerous machinery, extensive stacking systems, and forklifts that can result in fatalities if everyone isn’t on the ball. If you aren’t offering the training employees need to safely navigate these risk factors, then it’s no surprise everyone’s slow to take you up on positions here.

At the very least, employers have a responsibility to offer warehouse staff training in things like equipment handling and general first aid. Additional useful training courses may also include things like fire safety training, traffic management, and forklift training. While offering such an inclusive training package will involve some cost upfront, it will result in a far more efficient warehouse, with roles that are a whole lot easier to fill. All of which will see the money spent coming back around again in no time.

Barely enough equipment to do the job

You wouldn’t expect office staff to stick around if you didn’t provide them with basics like a computer. Yet, it’s surprising how many companies make this mistake with their warehouse staff. But, just because your warehouse team could technically complete a task by hand, doesn’t mean that you should expect them to.

As well as doubling workloads, expecting things like manual warehouse loading and management can leave your warehouse teams at further risk. Of course, not every company can spend a great deal on warehouse equipment upfront, but with hire options on everything from racking to access platforms available from companies like MF Hire, you don’t need to. Instead, you can get started with all of the equipment your warehouse workers could benefit from for significantly less cost. And, once the increased efficiency that this equipment buys your team begins to pay off, you’ll be in a better position to purchase a fully-stocked warehouse that has employment prospects queueing outside the door.

Limited warehouse benefits

As we’ve already discussed, warehouses can be dangerous places. Not to mention that they can get cold and unappealing during the winter months, and stuffy in summer. With this in mind, why would anyone choose to work here when they could be comfortable at work in your offices for the same pay?

They wouldn’t. Unless you made those comfort compromises worthwhile. Namely, it’s important to remember that warehouse team members who are trained on key pieces of equipment like forklifts count as skilled workers. And, you should be paying them accordingly. You should also offer payment incentives for early and late-night shifts. Otherwise, you can hardly complain that no one’s willing to work them!

An unappealing place to be

Along the same lines, you should also take steps to make your warehouse a generally more appealing place to be. Of course, you can’t work miracles – your warehouse is never going to reach the comfort heights of your office block. But, you can still do things to lessen the severity of warehouse conditions, such as installing heating units at key areas like warehouse desk spaces, and ensuring adequate lighting installations warehouse-wide. Small touches, like music speakers to keep everyone entertained, can also work wonders for making your warehouse a more appealing place to be. And, with these small touches, you should find that far more people are willing to work here.

Key takeaway

Warehouse work is strenuous, difficult, and often unrewarding, and this can often result in difficult-to-fill warehouse job roles. But, it’s entirely possible to make your warehouse a more appealing employment prospect, with simple steps that include –

Take these key steps, and you should find that warehouse workers are queuing at the door rather than running for the hills like they have been!


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