Why Is It So Hard to Get a Job and How to Speed Up the Search Process?

As practice shows, the job search process is quite complicated and it is often very hard to get a job. A good education, experience, and even a brilliant track record do not guarantee a successful and easy job finding. The decisive role here is played by the ability to correctly assess your professional level and understand what is more important for you at the moment – salary, experience, or, perhaps, prestige? And having defined your priorities and sketching in your mind at least a rough plan for starting or continuing your professional career, it is much easier to look for a job.

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Below, we will tell you what methods to use in the job search process and how to get expert help.

Active Job Search Methods

When looking for the best job, it is important to use the maximum number of search channels:

• Offline job advertisements about vacancies in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, ads in shops, shopping centers. Make a list of such sources and constantly analyze them for vacancies;

• Work sites. Today there are more than 2,000 sites on the Internet that offer job search and recruiting services. Naturally, it makes no sense to visit all of them. It is enough to use 5-10 of the most popular sites, as well as all websites that specialize in your city and near regions;

• Acquaintances, friends, and so on. In fact, more than 80 percent of vacancies are not posted anywhere and are closed using personal connections. Even if at the moment they have nothing in mind, they will probably appear soon;

• Recruitment agencies are also a great source of vacancies. Therefore, submit your resume to all available. Better yet, print out a bunch of resumes and visit them;

• Own job search advertisement. You can post your resume on a job site and a mini-resume in a specialized newspaper;

• Job Center. You do not need to register there. Access to the vacancy database is free. You can come and write out what interests you, as well as leave your resume;

• Job fairs, career days. Usually, a large number of potential employers are present at such events. Track such events;

• Websites of large companies. If you want to work in a large company, we advise you to periodically visit the websites of companies represented in your region and consider the ‘Vacancies’ section;

• Direct proactive appeal to a potential employer. Take a directory of companies, choose those that are suitable for work experience, and start methodically calling for vacancies;

• Creation of a blog. If you are an expert in some field, you can start your own blog, where you will tell all the subtleties and details of your profession. And in the cover letter and cv give a link to this blog;

• Non-standard methods of employment. Many people want to get a dream job, and some are ready to go for extraordinary deeds for this. So, use your imagination.

The above methods will definitely allow you to find a job in a fairly short time.

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