Why the right business insurance can prove to be a successful promotional tool

Possessing the perfect tradesman insurance can be an imperative promotional tool depending on what line of business you’re in. As tradesmen, we understand that, sometimes, our services can mean carrying out dangerous work operating heavy machinery and completing manual labour on building sites and in people’s homes.

However, your insurance policy can allow you to become a respected business within your industry as well as act as a watermark of quality, reliability and trustworthiness. This article will examine the ways that your tradesman insurance can benefit your company’s marketability within its sector.

You can foster an image of reliability

The correct and legal business insurance can mean the difference between staying just another sole trader and becoming an established name in the industry. A suitable insurance policy that covers both your employers and third parties breathes reliability and professionalism. People are often unwilling to invite tradesmen without these attributes into their home or on their construction site.

This understandable; after all, homeowners want to feel safe in the knowledge that, if any damage does occur to their home, they are covered. Meanwhile, site foreman and contractors want to be comfortable that they will receive a quality service and not open themselves up to any financial strain that could come with hiring uninsured workers.

Unsafe jobs require safe practice

Tradesman insurance is available across many different manual industries, some of which are more dangerous than others. Adequate business insurance when working in trades like gas and heating fitting can provide the makers’ mark of professionalism that both homeowners and business owners strive for when looking to hire an expert.

Nobody looks through a list of tradesman and picks the one that looks like an amateur; they choose the business that seems professional, has the relevant certification and advertises their insurance policy for all to see. For the jobs that your potential customers worry could pose risks to them, show them that your business operates safely and adhere to legal guidelines for your trade.

You can open up new markets for trade

Public liability insurance is just one of the policies that can qualify your business to operate in new markets and on more valuable projects, as well as grow as a whole.

The type of public liability policy that you require wholly depends on the nature of your work as well as the size of your business and workforce. However, if you’re a small trading business looking to start achieving contracts on large-scale builds and council projects, you’re going to require insurance cover of up to £5-10 million just to get through the door.

Choosing the right insurance policy for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit tradesmansaver.co.uk to find a policy that will work for your business and that you can advertise with pride.

From creating safeguards against potential accusations of unreliability or unprofessionalism to ensuring you deliver quality services showing larger businesses that you’re reliable to work with, the right insurance policy can tick many vital boxes and is just around the corner.


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