Why Video Production is Important for Businesses

In the modern age of the Internet and connectivity, proper B2C (business to consumer) communication has never been more important. The rise of portable, connected devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones means that now more than ever, people are using the full capabilities of the Internet no matter where they are, which has led to the rise of major businesses like Facebook and Uber. People simply don’t read as much as they used to anymore- personal blogging on social media platforms is prominent, but as far as searching for information or a product goes, video content is becoming more popular than ever for reaching an audience.

Of course, this raises its own questions. A question a professional might ask would be how to reach an audience if the older methods of advertising are becoming obsolete. The answer to this question is to adjust to the times and use the lanes available to a business for reaching their consumers.

Producing video content- advertisements, vlogs, tutorials, etc- is still just as important as it used to be in the heyday of TV advertising, if not more. TV advertising is itself still a valid way of advertising, but now videos can be uploaded to YouTube, integrated into webpages and social media feeds and used to get closer to consumers. Most of the best video advertisements take advantage of the short attention spans (and therefore timeslots) in which users will pay attention- most people find advertisements boring, but nobody thinks Old Spice commercials are. Old Spice commericals are successful because they’re fast-paced and humorous, leaving a quick impression on the viewer, regardless of whether or not they’re interested in their products, and therefore being a very effective advertisement.

This approach may not work for all video content, however. In general, good video content engages the consumer. Many advertising campaigns use over-the-top humor for this effect, but there’s other ways to catch a viewer’s attention and engage them. For instance, if a business serves highly technical users, their videos and advertising can be tailored to that particular audience. An example of this can be found in enthusiast computer hardware- an average Joe doesn’t know what a “factory overclock” is, but an enthusiast looking for a powerful video card does. Businesses serving less specific clientele may have more difficulty creating targeting advertising, but that doesn’t make advertisements ineffective as long as it makes an impression and has strong general appeal.

A well-made, engaging video won’t just make a positive impression. It takes very little effort, especially online, to share videos across social media platforms. Share buttons exist on every video-sharing website that can be used to utilise social media, which then spreads the audience of your content even further. Video production allows users to get the information they’re looking for, maintain it better than if delivered through another medium (like text), and, most importantly, helps push along the consumer’s purchase.

An informed consumer is typically a happy consumer, and happy consumers are more likely to make purchases. Video content alone won’t carry a business’ advertising and B2C campaigns- however, using video content alongside social media and blogging equals a complete recipe for the engagement of consumers and potential customers. The benefits of video production in business are far too numerous for a business that hopes to compete in the modern age to ignore.

To learn more about video production for business, or perhaps to have your own video content produced, contact us. We work in Liverpool to provide only the very best in video content for businesses, hobbyists and more.



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