Why you need a Digital Strategy:

Gone are the days of running an ad in the local paper. If you aren’t online, your business is missing out! As the digital world continues to make an impact on how we communicate, businesses are facing a change to their marketing strategies and being forced to implement digital marketing into their planning.

But having a poor digital marketing strategy can mean you’re missing out on potential customers online. Follow some of these digital tips to get started:
Social Media

Social media marketing has become the origin of all digital technology. For many businesses, it’s where the majority of your audience spend most of their time. Social media provides instant updates, potential leads through advertising and has become a meaningful way of communicating with customers online.

Social media can boost your search engine optimisation (SEO), for example, the more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be.

I must say don’t be fooled by opening up a number of social presences, it’s the content that counts. Discover what platforms work for you and your business and do it properly.

Content is key
Traditional marketing habits are becoming less and less effective in reaching your consumers. People are switching off from these irritants and are looking for more quicker ways to access the information they need, going straight online.

Like a lot of digital trends, content marketing is now an important role in SEO. After the latest Google algorithm changes your site needs to include high quality and human-friendly content that your customers need, share and link to. People are now searching online with questions and difficult phrases rather than using keywords so it is important your content is meeting these demands from Google. Producing FAQ’s and blogs can be a good starting point.

Still keep an eye on your keyword data and website metrics to see where your online traffic is coming to. This can also help you to produce the right content for your consumers.
Be mobile friendly

The sudden shift from laptops and PC’s to mobile devices is set to continue. You should be looking at targeting customers through their mobiles. Ask yourself, is your website mobile responsive? What devices are you consumers using to access your site? Otherwise you could be missing out on sales from significant mobile visitors. Have you thought about building a smartphone app for your business? There are more companies than ever out there helping businesses to ease their customer journey and make products and services more accessible using mobile apps.

These examples only scratch the service of digital marketing. As we grow with technology so will your users experience. Start building your marketing plans and content through digital channels and experience a different way of working.


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