Why You Should Be Using Mobile Trading Apps

Technology has revolutionised the forex trading markets; especially thanks to mobile trading apps. Going back a decade or so, the forex markets were firmly the domain of Wall St trading professionals and the super-rich who could afford for people to trade on their behalf.

However, thanks to technological revolutions such as high speed internet, the rise of the smartphone, and research and education sites, forex trading is more accessible to the masses than ever before.

If you’re interested in trading forex, then mobile trading apps are essential for helping you. In this post we look at exactly why you should be trading using mobile trading apps.

Trade at Your Fingertips

The markets are open 24 hours a day, and you need to be ready to trade at any moment; so why not have all the information you need available at your fingertips?

With mobile trading, you can trade from wherever you are in the world. From at home in the kitchen to the office boardroom and even while out at lunch, if you hear of market movements, you can take action.

This means that you’ll never miss a trade. As we’re fully aware, big market movements can take place at any time and, if your laptop is trapped at home while you’re in the office, it could be costing you money. In the time it takes for you to get home, you could have lost a large sum of money. Instead, with mobile trading apps, you can right the wrong immediately.

Trade at Speed

Secondly, thanks to superfast 3G and 4G options in public places, as well as public Wi-Fi networks, you can trade at speed from anywhere in the world.

We’re now far more interconnected than we’ve ever been previously, and mobile trading apps make it possible to take advantage of this. Long gone are the days of waiting until you found a working internet connection to make a trade, and you can now trade from anywhere at speed.

Even on 3G networks, mobile apps can open or close a position in under a second, allowing you to receive an accurate quote and take advantage of any short term volatility.

Compliment Your Desktop Trading

However, as great as mobile apps might be, they should always compliment and not replace your web apps. So, you should look for an integrated version such as WebTrader, this allows you to access all of your accounts from any browser connected to the web.

This is perfect as it means you can trade even during times where you’re unable to access your own terminal. As such, rather than replacing your desktop apps, it complements it. This means you get an all-round trading experience.



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