Why Your Small Online Business Could Grow By Hiring Freelancers

Small and medium size businesses often find themselves on shaky ground. Because they are still in the process of growing, they don’t have the infrastructure or the funds to fall back on should the global markets dent profit margins and causing a rescheduling of plans. Today the workforce in modern economies is very diverse and complex, progressive attitudes to worker’s rights have ensured that employees are treated like people and not robots. Thus the modern world is very fluid, and lots of talents and expertise are floating about all over the place. Small businesses don’t have the large outreach corporations have and thus have less chance of attracting the skills and experience they need. However, because of the plethora of talent, the source pool is bigger than ever before, ripe for the picking. Freelancers can take what you give them, and spin it into gold. They’re flexible, willing to work on multiple tasks at different times of the day and can be an invaluable part of your brand.

Affordability and flexibility

A freelancer working from home or locally commuting stands more chance of being a reliable employee with cheaper overhead costs. It’s advantageous in the fact that a freelancer is able to work from home, should it be marketing, programming, emailing or enacting services of your company to customers over a cloud system. The main reason freelancers are hired is that they are versatile in workload and free from traditional working hours. So while you the business owner, may be sitting down for dinner, a freelancer may be hard at work, performing the tasks you need them to grow and increase profit.


As an SME business you need to rely on people to carry out their tasks, and to the standard you want. Contrary to past practices, it’s not quite easy to communicate in real-time with freelancers with a staggering amount of social media services. Access to the workload can be easily set by an email and password set up, and work can be accessed through file hosting websites like Dropbox, or even something as simple as Google Drive.


Tracking the work you give freelancers is quite easy and can be done in an automated fashion for your online business. With the aid of a web designer, you can create a payment allocation system upon the successful admission of a job. Freelancers are primarily given the responsibility to create their own invoices. However, your business may employ the service of ready-made templates such https://squareup.com/invoices/invoice-templates, that could avoid any faults and errors made by either party. Moreover, this would maintain a healthy relationship and safeguard a level of trust. Payment is done via online. Whether you use direct to bank wire transfers or PayPal schemes you can offer a contract that is just as legitimate as an in-person signing for wages and or salary.

Solitary and innovative

Among the biggest factors that make the pool of freelancers so tempting to swim in, is that employing new staff is a costly venture. New staff that works in the office may need training before they can contribute to your business. Freelancers are often experts or veterans in their field and possess extensive knowledge of working with so many clients and different market environments. Experience is something you cannot teach. They are comfortable taking the initiative and don’t need babysitting.


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