Yelp reviews- Hacks to grow your small business online

Online customer reviews can control the purchasing decisions of customers for a certain product or service of a brand. Around 4 out of 5 consumers make their purchasing decisions based on the experiences of customers that are published in the form of reviews on Yelp. For local businesses, Yelp has been a popular review & rating site since it was founded in the year 2004. Small businesses need to embed Yelp reviews into their websites to stand out from the competition.

Yelp has more than 178 million visitors monthly, proving why businesses must display reviews on the website by adding a Yelp review widget. Review sites like Yelp appear on the first page of the results when your business is searched online. You want a positive brand presence because happy customers refer other customers and become brand advocates for your business. You must know your way around the Yelp platform to manage reviews and grow your small business. Read this blog till last and you will know more about it.

Why Yelp Reviews Are So Important?

Online reviews can make a huge difference in terms of brand presence in small business industries like medical, local services, food, and beverages. You need to be around your customers to address whether they are praising or criticizing your brand. Restaurants, homes, and shopping are the three top-reviewed business categories according to Yelp’s data.

In a customer’s decision to use the business, reading positive or negative reviews plays a significant role. According to a Bright Local report, 94% of customers say that positive reviews make it more likely for them while 92% say negative reviews make it less likely for them. Whether you’ll have customers or not on your business, you need to embed Yelp reviews on your website to make an impact.

How Yelp Reviews Help Your Business

To improve Yelp reviews, there are some important reasons businesses search for strategies. Why a small business should persuade a customer to leave Yelp reviews, there are three key reasons specified below.

1. Enhances SEO With Yelp Review Widget

Several independent steps are included in the digital marketing program because it is a diverse digital marketing program. In increasing local search results, positive reviews on Yelp, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are necessary while quality content is optimized for search engine algorithms.

2. Grows Social Proof

As their primary source of social proof, more and more customers are starting to use Yelp or they are also using actual testimonials based on the experiences of genuine people who engaged with the business previously. With positive Yelp reviews, more will choose a business with an online testimonial over others. To seek out more customer reviews is highly beneficial for a business.

3. Assists You In Improving

To satisfy each customer, it is simply impossible for every business. However, the goal of each business is to get an ample amount of positive Yelp reviews. To learn how to get more Yelp reviews, reviewing customer feedback gives you a great opportunity that you can display with the help of Yelp review widget on your website.

Strategies To Grow Your Small Business Online With Yelp Reviews

By considering the guidelines of Yelp, you can’t ask for Yelp reviews directly to your customers. But as a brand, your focus should be on demonstrating great service to customers so that they have no choice but to share their experience in the form of reviews on Yelp. Here are some strategies that you can use to get more positive Yelp reviews from customers.

1. Content Your Business Yelp Page

At the start of the listing process, Yelp also encourages you to search for your business. You have to make sure that your business page is updated with all the information on methods of operation or temporary hours. For additional information, platforms add new spaces all the time. Head to the Yelp claim page, to claim your business name and insert your business’s name. To check if it already exists in the listing, Yelp will search its database.

2. Position A Yelp Badge

You can simply place a Yelp logo along with your social media icons on your website. By doing this your customers will have a surety that you are present on Yelp. Go to your business account to find the review badge for extra Yelp branding that describes your review count and star rating.

3. Convey Your Yelp Reviews On Social Media

On your social media channels, you can display your previous customer reviews but be careful as you can’t able to ask for new reviews. Reviews can work as content over social media. You can create a visually appealing design by quoting Yelp reviews converting them into a social media graphic and then posting them on social media platforms. You can create a base on social media about your brand by sharing how much your customers will love your brand.

4. Use In-store Yelp Branding

By ordering a free window attached from the company you can easily connect the physical with the digital store. When entering or leaving a business. The cling should be noticeable when deciding on a location. So adding a Yelp review widget is also necessary for this use.

5. Responding To Yelp Reviews

Responding to Yelp reviews is one of the best options whether they are good or bad reviews. Every business would love to have 5-star ratings but they found it tough to respond to negative reviews. Take time to resolve any kind of issues your customers are facing or show empathy towards the customers who leave positive reviews just by thanking them. Responding to Yelp reviews will help your business in growing your small business.

Key Takeaways

It’s challenging to get positive reviews because Yelp doesn’t allow you to ask customers directly to leave reviews on your website. But with the help of a Yelp review widget, you can display all the reviews that will encourage your customers to write good reviews on your website. To grow your small business online you have to keep in mind a few critical factors that can indirectly impact the quality of Yelp reviews you get.


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