YouTube Tips: The Importance of Keeping Video Short.

The Importance of Keeping Video Short

Video is one of the most popular search terms used by Google users today. It would appear that our appetite for video is insatiable. The internet is awash with video clips, films and other audio visual combinations. With the advent of video, streaming through a web browser, so many opportunities to learn have reached such a wide audience.

More to Video
But there is some much more to video and how it is used across the internet. You can learn to cook, you can teach your staff how to use a software package or you can show your customers how much they are saving with your service.

Millions of Users
But, how much of a good thing is too much? Websites such as YouTube provide thousands of hours of video clips which amuse, teach, inform, describe, show and even educate the millions of users who access the video content on a daily basis.

There is a lot of research, which suggests that if internet users are searching out video then they are more likely to watch a longer video clip. If, for example, someone is searching for a specific film then they are more likely to watch the full film when they find it.

Conversely, when a video is provided on a platform such as blog, where a user can reasonably expect to find the written word about a subject they have searched for (or even subscribe to), then you have to be very careful with the length of the video, or risk putting them off.

Keep it Short
The golden rule is this… keep video short! To carry on the previous example, if a user visits your blog about performance cars then they are clearly keen on reading about performance cars and may not react well to being forced to sit through a ten minuet (or longer) video on the subject.

However, a short, sharp and punchy video can have a very positive effect. Make them laugh or make them think… but do it quickly and let them be able to read the blog articles they want to.

Entice Readers
With so many blogs and online articles competing for readers across the internet then the use of video can be a very tempting way to entice readers to your work. But, remember, keep it simple, keep it funny but – most importantly – keep it short.

Keep them Coming Back
So, what are you waiting for? There are so many people out there looking to read what you have on the internet and a short video might just be enough to bring them to your site and keep them coming back.


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