10 tips to creating a successful blog

There’s no way to ensure that your blog (whether brand new or one that has been going for a while) will have massive success no matter what. But there are practical tips you can employ that, if followed, will give you a higher chance at getting and/or maintaining a successful blog. So, without further ado, here is a list of 10 tips that you should follow if you’re wanting to have a successful blog that will attract plenty of attention.

1. Content is the key, but it needs to be interesting. You want to be running a blog that has content that people want to read, that’s exciting and fresh. Some people just naturally have a good writing style while others may not as much. And that’s fine, but make sure if you’re one of those then you get some books or something to that effect to improve your writing.

2. Don’t be a copycat. Sure, your personal writing style may be similar to somebody else, and in that sense, it’s fine, but don’t change or fake how you write. Don’t simply copy the content from another blog. You’ll have readers who follow you simply because they like what you bring to the table, they’re drawn to you, so stay you. Copyscape allows you to see if content is unique.

3. Have sensible headlines. It seems like too many people are after crazy headlines that lead to a rather basic story. Think click-bait posts. They may have a dramatic seeming approach at the outset, but the contents of the post itself may give a totally different, less dramatic feel. Don’t do that. Don’t become a click-bait headline creator. Put out a headline that conveys the point of your article that’s accurate. The readers should be able to get the gist of what your post will be about just by reading the title. Don’t be cute with it; be to the point.

4. You don’t have to be first. When it comes to big news or something that’s trending, keep in mind: you’re not one of the mainstream big boys. Those blogs alone will cover a big point to death. Then the other blog posters will beat it to death themselves. Don’t be that person. Your following won’t simply dry up if you aren’t at the fore of a topic that’s being beaten to death. Besides, you can possibly hit the topic later with a different viewpoint that stands in contrast to the “normal” post you’d normally see about said topic, which will make you stand out that much more.

5. Use good images! The image thumbnail that’s connected to your post can really help you stand against the competition, especially in the social media world. When your post is shared via Facebook, for example, if the image is catchy enough, you’re more likely to have people click the link and read your post. And if your post is a longer one than the (well placed) image can help give a nice visual break. Make sure your images are on the up and up, ones that are in the public domain.

6. About the page. This section of your site is a great hotbed to potentially get a new clicker to stick around and follow your work on a consistent basis. Show off! Put your best foot forward, link your best stories, mention where you’ve been seen in the mainstream, and more! It’ll help you stand out when a new visitor comes to your site.

7. Revisit old work. If you write something that later becomes totally useless then you should just get rid of it. Let’s say, for example, you write an article on video games, Crash Bandicoot let’s say. “Check out these new Crash game rumors” something like that. Well, once the new game was announced then the rumors had become useless; the game became the new fact, so you can get rid of said post. Or even possibly update it to make it fit the current reality of the point of the post.

8. Page views are nice, but… You want to keep in mind that while it’s nice to see a lot of views, it’s the returning visitors that’s the real key to the success of your blog, not the initial view. Also keep an eye on the amount of time folks are sticking around. If they come and go in a flash that’s not good, and you want to take some time and try to determine why that may be the case. Google Analytics is one of the best tools available for monitoring traffic, what’s more; it is free.

9. You stand out! Having a blog is something a lot of people can say they fit the bill for, but what’ll help you stand out is your experience in a field. The more you know, the more you have a passion for whatever topic, the more you’ll stand out and the more credible you’ll be in that field.

10. Plagiarism!! Don’t worry about it. Unfortunately, it does happen, but unless it’s one of the big boys don’t worry about it. Just focus on making sure you’re making new, unique content. You’d be wasting your efforts to chase down each and every person who copies/pastes your work.

11. Finally, build brandability to your blog. If your blog contains great content, then it will garner plenty of attention. However, it is smart to adopt your own marketing strategy too. For example, blogger outreach services are among the popular options when thinking about spreading the message. Other options include directory listings, infographic creation and viral videos. These are all very important and should be implemented into your marketing strategy.


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