Why Is My Online Marketing Failing?

There could be a million different reasons for a failing online marketing campaign. Every business is different, of course, and anything from incorrect market research through to poor messaging could be to blame. But some common themes crop up consistently amongst new online businesses which could be the reason why your digital marketing message isn’t cutting through. We’re going to take a look at some of the biggest and most common mistakes made by online marketing rookies, and explain how to make things right. Let’s get started right away.

There’s no strategy

A lot of new business owners believe they have to have a website and embrace online marketing – yet they have no idea why. And it’s at this point where most people’s troubles begin. The truth is that you need a reason and a strategy to spend money on online marketing, and without one, you can’t have any hope of success. You need clearly defined goals that rise above ‘getting more traffic’ or ‘finding more leads.’ Instead, be more specific – perhaps you want to increase leads by 25% over the next six months, for example.

There’s no traffic

Struggling to get traffic to your website? If so, there is likely to be an issue with your SEO – and the likelihood is that you need some help. However, don’t expect overnight success. A reputable SEO Consultant will never tell you that they can guarantee you a number one ranking on Google, or promise you immediate improvements. SEO is a long-term game that needs constant adaptation, continuous testing, and ongoing competitor research.


Nobody’s buying

However, SEO isn’t going to solve all your problems. You could be getting a million site hits every week, but if no one is buying anything or signing up for your services, your traffic numbers are irrelevant. You have to put a focus on finding out why your website isn’t converting visitors. Perhaps your visitors don’t trust you, or maybe there are issues with your site design. Perhaps you are targeting the wrong type of traffic, or perhaps you just aren’t giving your potential customers a compelling reason to do what you want them to do.

There’s no valuable content

By now you will have heard the phrase ‘content is king.’ But not all content is equal, and if your blog is full up with poor-quality articles that are stuffed with keywords, it isn’t going to impress anyone – or the search engines. A high-quality blog underlines your industry authority and captures people at the early stages of the buying process. So, make sure your content is interesting and useful enough for your audience to share and come back for more.

You don’t invest

There are a variety of ways to do online marketing for no cost – but the reality is that few of them will bring you success. You will need to spend money on Facebook ads, good quality writers, SEO agencies and a lot more besides if you want to start getting better results. If you don’t invest both time and money into the process you won’t see results -it’s as simple as that.



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