13 Smartphone Apps That Make Everyday Life Easier

Can you remember a world without mobile apps? We can, but only just. With the astronomic rise of the smartphone, apps have become part of our everyday lives, with millions now available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Naturally, with so many new and emerging apps, users have to wade through a lot of garbage to get to the good stuff. Once there however, a veritable treasure trove of usefulness awaits, with more and more businesses producing apps that are genuinely capable of simplifying people’s lives.

To demonstrate the life-enhancing significance of mobile apps, here are 13 smartphone apps that make everyday life a whole lot easier.


With a mantra like “Your Life’s Work”, it’s clear Evernote is a business that likes being useful. The Evernote App provides an intuitive interface where users can compile lists, ideas and handwritten notes before sharing these musings with friends, co-workers or themselves at a later date.


As the world’s most user-friendly cloud storage service, Dropbox helps smartphone users manage their documents, images, music collection and other assorted files wherever they may be. For such effortless usability you’d expect a big price tag, but no – Dropbox is free and brilliant for all.

Harden’s Restaurant Guide

Thanks to the Harden’s Restaurant Guide app, couples need never be at loggerheads over where to eat again. At the insertion of a postcode, this handy app conjures a comprehensive list of nearby eats, helping you to find a restaurant quickly, easily and without quarrel.


Uber is all well and good for private hire, but what about black cabs? Enter Hailo, a brilliant new app that lets you summon a black cab to exact your location. With intuitive location tracking and online payment functionality, this is an app for the out and about.


Calorie counting used to be a time-consuming and all-too-easy to give up task; but now, thanks to Lifesum, it doesn’t have to be. With a database chock-a-block with different food groups, users can tot-up a day’s intake in just a couple of minutes.

Dry Cleaner App

The Dry Cleaner App lets users find laundrettes, dry cleaners and other garment care services in their area quickly and easily.

Just Eat

“Don’t cook, Just Eat” – now there’s a mantra. Established in 2000, Just Eat has been keeping Brits well fed for over a decade – offering a seamless mobile service that lets you order takeaway and fast food at the touch of a button. Brilliant.


Gone are the days when a CD-ROM and length of cable were needed to print stuff; now, it’s possible to print documents straight from your smartphone using a wireless printing app like Printershare. This handy bit of kit lets users print to any printer in the area at the touch of a button – how good is that?


Culinary aficionados whose kitchens are chock-a-block with cookbooks will love ChefTap – a brilliant app that lets you store, organise and manage recipes from across the web. When you find a recipe you like the look of, copy it to ChefTap to view it offline at a later date.


Whether catching a train or plane, travelling can be stressful, so anything to help streamline the process is welcome. Enter TripIt, an organisation app that stores tickets, timetables and boarding cards to help you get from A to B as smoothly as possible.

Around Me

Exploring a new place and don’t know where to eat, drink or be entertained? Download Around Me and let your smartphone guide you to the nearest eatery or watering hole. Around Me uses your location to find nearby services, many of which have been specially recommended by other users.


Rightmove must have done a collective fist pump after releasing their brilliant mobile app, which lets users search for flats and houses to buy or rent at the touch of a button; eliminating hours spent browsing estate agent windows and making phone calls. Rightmove, we thank you.

National Rail Enquiries

Getting across the country has never been easier thanks to the National Rail Enquiries App. This handy travel tool puts Britain’s entire rail network in the palm of your hand, making it easy to plan journeys, check train times and keep up to date on possible delays.


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