Introducing Doritos Roulette

If you are an avid television watcher, you may well have watched Doritos’ latest promotional campaign with interest. Recently, the brand announced the release of Doritos Roulette, a dangerous and innovative new snack that promises to deliver a spicy surprise with every handful.

Although this snack provides an interesting proposition, it is not that far removed from a typical bag of Doritos. Mostly filled with nacho cheese flavoured chips, customers will be able to enjoy the favourite snack for the majority of the time. Hidden within these backs are a handful of explosively spicy chips, with one in six having the potential to deliver an unexpected and stunning taste sensation.

While this may sound like a nightmare to some, the campaign has proved extremely successful during its formative weeks. This is despite the rogue chips being described as ‘melt your face’ hot by the brands senior marketing director, who is proud of the twist and the way in which it has been received by customers. There are several reasons for the success of this promotion, not least the increased appeal of roulette and the underlying nature of the game. With online casinos continuing to glamorise the game and encouraging people to learn how to play roulette, there is a greater understanding the past-time and its’ thrilling effects.

Doritos have also followed the successful marketing technique of making these chips available for a limited time only, with customers having the opportunity to buy them for just 12 weeks. This instantly creates a buzz around the product, driving increased interest and giving the impression of exclusivity. As a result, customers tend to clamour to buy something that they consider to be unique and available for a limited time, as they believe they will benefit from a genuinely rewarding experience that is not accessible to everyone.

The combination of explosive flavours, roulette’s thrilling nature and the element of exclusivity has served Doritos new promotion well, although it is clear that the longevity of the product is limited. This is something that customers will be compelled to try once, although some repeat custom may be generated by those who love spicy cuisine and the element of surprise. The brand is well aware of this, however, and has pledged to create new twists and tastes annually in a bid to revive the same marketing tactic successfully.


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