2020 Technology Hacks

Nowadays we live and breathe technology, but as much as we love our technology, there are days when we wish that we had a faster way of doing things. And that is where the technology hacks come into the picture. With technology hacks, you have the same technology that you use every day but you can access it faster and use it better.

Everyday Technology Hacks

  • To download YouTube videos, all that you need to do is simply add “ss” in the URL and your video will be downloaded. Allow us to illustrate, “www.ssyoutube…”
  • When you need to proofread your work, all that you can use Google Translate and click on the speaker, it will read out your work aloud. Maybe you work for newzealandcasinos casino, you can use it to proofread your work.
  • In order to enjoy YouTube without having to go through the “skip ads” all that you simply need to do is use YouTube TV. It will give you access to streaming minus all the ads.
  • To open a tab that you closed by mistake all that you need do is click ctrl + shift +T.
  • In a rush to charge your phone but you don’t want to switch it off, simple, all that you have to do is charge it on flight mode.
  • If your phone freezes for one reason or another while playing casino games online the fastest way that you can unfreeze your phone is by plugging it into its charger.
  • To easily get access to academic related information instead of searching with “PDF’ you can simply use Google Scholar instead.
  • If you want to preserve your laptop battery, research states that’s it better to let it charge up to 80% rather than 100%.
  • To easily search for a song without its title, you can use Midomi to hum the song or enter a few lyrics then search.
  • If you seem to have a problem with social media and really want to get some work done, then you can use SelfControl to block all social media sites.


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