Chains, Cords, Rosaries, and Chokers – A Guide on Men’s Necklaces

Since ancient times, men enjoy adorning their bodies with various ornaments. Back in the days, they used materials they could find in nature (leather, wood, stones, bones, etc.) and crafted primitive necklace talismans. Over time, jewelry became more diverse. Today, we can benefit from an insane variety of men’s necklaces made by hand or on an industrial scale of literally any material known to humanity.

Below, we are going to review some of the most lovable types of men’s necklaces. Items that would emphasize the individuality of a man, complement his style, and highlight his taste come in various shapes and forms including chains, pendants, medallions, and many others. Many of those products feature symbols that resonate with the sterner sex and are able to turn a stylish accessory into a powerful amulet.

Chain Necklaces

It would be no exaggeration to say that chains made of steel, gold, or silver, oftentimes supplemented with a matching pendant or dog tag, are the most common type of around-the-neck jewelry for men. The reason for this popularity is the relative simplicity of these items (you cannot deny that men are prone to simplicity), versatility (a chain can go with both an elegant office suit and a biker outfit), and stunning durability. Speaking of that, although there are hundreds of weaving types, men are conservative in this regard. They choose something that looks solid and reliable and will blend perfectly with their physique. Therefore, Cuban (Curb), Figaro, Anchor, and some other weavings prevail in the men’s chain necklace model range.

Perhaps you are also looking for an accessory for your neck? It is almost impossible to give advice on the material (in the end, it depends on whether you personally like gold or silver, whether you can afford precious metals, etc.). However, here is our tip regarding the length and thickness of a chain – the taller and skinnier you are, the thinner and longer your chain should be. And vice versa, thick and short products are great for beefy and short guys.


Pendants are available in countless forms and shapes. Even a piece of rock can become a pendant. Many models feature just an abstract figure or silhouette yet the majority of pendants depict a certain symbol. For example, those can be animals, astrological signs, ancient and modern symbols of faith, the symbolism of various nations, and so on. If this symbol has a special significance for you, it can become your talisman. Many men tend to associate themselves with animals (brave as a lion, strong as a bear, etc.) so a piece of jewelry depicting your favorite beast will hit the spot. They say that animal totem jewelry can enhance some of your traits and features, so why don’t you give it a try?

Men’s Chokers

A choker is a necklace of medium thickness that fits quite close to the neck. Basically, chokers are just very short necklaces. Such accessories are considered one of the oldest men’s body ornaments. If you want to establish some kind of connection with ancestors, your choice is leather, hemp, or canvas chokers. Unlike models for women, men’s items don’t come with charms or small pendants. To juice up a choker, manufacturers often add wooden or metal beads but they keep away from dangling stuff.


Simply put, rosaries are bead necklaces. This jewelry stemmed from rosaries used in the Catholic faith to count prayers. Originally, rosaries wound around the hand. However, anything you can wrap around your wrists can be used for the neck, too. So, rosaries morphed into necklaces while shedding their religious significance.

More often than not, beads are constructed from leather, wood, or natural stones of the same or different sizes. Beads are strung on a cord, fishing line, elastic thread, or even a thin chain. Such pieces look quite amazing even without extra embellishment but if you enjoy a bit of pizzazz, you can complement it with a pendant.

Leather Necklaces

Light, natural, and always appealing, leather necklaces are a great alternative to chains and rosaries. Being made of cowhide or other durable types of leather, it is strong enough to bear a pendant or charms. If you enjoy massive pendants, you should choose from braided leather cords since they are more durable. If the weight of your pendant is marginal, you can go as simple as a thin flat piece of leather. Whatever option appeals to you, you need to give your leather necklace a lot of TLC to make sure it remains beautiful and strong. This is not a type of jewelry you can wear anytime and anywhere. Moisture is its archenemy, so ensure to take leather jewelry off before going swimming or bathing. Also, your item should avoid contacts with body lotions, sprays, cosmetics, and even sweat. If you treat it right, it will please your eyes for at least a decade.


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