3 Garden Renovations That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Did you know that a well-kept garden can boost your home’s value by 10%? That’s just the base. You can raise your property’s value even higher by renovating your garden in various ways. The modern homebuyer now wants an outdoor space fitted with lush greenery. But since many homes already have gardens, find ways to make yours extra special and more appealing with the right additions. So, what else can you add to an already beautiful garden to increase your home’s value? Use the following ideas as inspiration.

Add a summerhouse

A summerhouse is typically a wooden outdoor garden structure, glazed to allow enough daylight through. Of course, the name suggests it’s purposely built for summer relaxation, but a it can be used throughout every season. It works perfectly as a relaxation hub, extra storage, additional living space, or home office. Summerhouses are a fantastic investment and an excellent addition to any garden. It does more than create a valuable extra living space outdoors; the additional space you get from a summerhouse is an excellent way to add more value to your home. Reports show that a good summerhouse or a garden room can add an extra 5% to your property’s resale value. That equates to an additional £15,000 on an average-priced property in the UK.

Drill a water borehole

Home gardens are beautiful additions, but they come with one main issue – a high water demand. A small garden size can easily consume at least 15 litres of water each day, and even more, if you have a spacious garden. That’s a massive drain on your water bill and a major turn-off for potential homeowners focused on water sustainability. Drilling a water borehole is one of (if not the only) most effective ways to ensure a sustainable supply of water, cutting your garden off from the main grid. Water boreholes can save you lots of money while making your home attractive for homebuyers and increasing its value. Beyond your garden, a borehole gives you water security for your entire house. Admittedly, groundwater is not immediately drinkable, but simple treatment processes are available to use. And before you know it, your borehole will become your main source of household water.

Add a gym room or studio

Yes, you read that right; equip your garden with a gym room or studio to increase its value. This addition is super attractive for health-conscious people and fitness enthusiasts looking for a new home to purchase. Home gyms have gained massive popularity thanks (or no thanks) to the now-forgotten coronavirus pandemic.

Today, many homeowners want to add gyms and workout studios to their homes, and creating it in the garden is one of the best ways to do it.

Use a design that allows enough sunlight into the gym with a view that opens to the garden, combining intense workouts with serenity. But you can also create a gym space without walls – like an open platform surrounded by lush greenery. It will go perfectly well with yoga sessions and outdoor meditation.

Experts say a gym room or studio can increase your home’s value or up its price by £5,107.


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