How Do You Secure a Planter in the Front Garden?

You wanted to create a perfectly comfortable atmosphere in your garden, so you spent time and money to decorate this area. You wouldn’t want your ideal garden or yard to be destroyed and robbed. There are many intruders who will want to steal your beauty – steal unique plants, topiary, pots, garden furniture, statues, and so on. You were looking for gorgeous plants, authentic garden décor, buy black garden planters or other gorgeous unusual pots but there are many detractors out there who steal. You will want to protect your garden, and there are several proven ways to do this.

Several Ways to Protect Your Garden from Being Robbed

These methods will help keep your belongings safe even if the garden area is fenced off. Of course, you can install alarms and motion sensors to know when a threat is approaching, but there are situations when you are not at home. Many security companies offer such services, but people also want to insure their property, but other methods will also be effective.

• Reliable walls and fences. This can stop thieves in some cases. Not all intruders will want to visit a closed private area and your pots will be safe. Of course, many fencing projects have a special point – do not block the view of the house and the surrounding landscape. But people still prefer taller, more reliable and sometimes massive walls.

• The pots are too heavy. Outdoor flower pot models are heavy, but lighter options are available. It is best to choose heavy types that will be difficult to move and steal. These are stone, metal, ceramic and other materials. Filling the pot with soil will make it even harder.

• Modernization of the fence. Any type of fence or enclosure can be covered with additional structure. It is a weak surface material but makes climbing noisy and more difficult. Of course, you can increase the safety of your garden by adding thorny plants here.

• Protective fences. Your fence may not be very reliable, but thorny bushes or protective plants are a great solution. You can choose from branchy roses, bushes with thorns and other plants that will make it difficult for a burglar to enter.

Additional Protection Measures

There are certain steps you can take to keep your garden or garden from being stolen. For example, remove tall plants and bushes to open up an overview of the area. It is important here not to leave dark areas which can be a great place to hide. There is also a security system with sensors, signals, automatic lighting, etc.

A popular choice is LED lighting bulbs with built-in solar panels that can last about 6 years around the clock. They can be turned on regularly or have automatic motion detection. This is convenient for you if you want to go to hell at night, but it will also warn you about a possible intruder entering your territory. The disadvantage of such sensors is the reaction to any movement, taking into account the wind, leaves or animals.

Another measure is gravel garden paths. This coating makes noise when you walk on it. This will allow you to hear the burglar crossing your garden. Another solution is mirrors that open access to invisible areas. If you have tall bushes it will also be handy for watching children hiding there. Mirrors can be a simple decorative element, but they can also help you see hidden spots in your garden.


Many people insure their homes and gardens against emergencies such as burglary. If you do not want to take out insurance, the specialists also recommend taking photos of your property.

Choose an appropriate method to protect your territory from theft. Many of them are fairly simple and will not disturb your landscape but will help protect your plants and flowerpots from theft.

The article was prepared by Rose – the author of the online store for flower planters


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