3 hacks for marketing an office property

When you’re refurbishing an office property to sell or rent, it’s worth thinking about which features are unique selling points.

Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours in offices.

And progressive companies are sold on the fact that an ambient environment is conducive to staff wellbeing and productivity — and boosts the bottom line.

So here are three hacks to let you pitch your property perfectly to the right client.


Plants can have a positive effect on air quality as well as making us feel calm and composed.

The Japanese call walks in the woods ‘forest bathing’ because of the cathartic qualities of getting back to nature.

And this sensation can be recreated on a smaller scale in a commercial space.

Frank Lloyd-Wright’s Johnson Wax Headquarters in Wisconsin is an iconic example of a design that uses light and an abundance of greenery to create a calming environment for workers.

If you don’t have the luxury of designing a building from scratch, a few well-placed plants scattered in the right spots are a definite selling-point for viewers who want to free their minds amidst a little foliage.


Lighting can have a massive impact on mental health — just ask anyone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

So making sure that your office space makes the most of light and colour is a positive marketing move.

Melbourne architect Andrew Maynard recently turned his Melbourne home office into a space that’s so bright he has to wear sunglasses inside.

Wide windows in the Victorian terrace property allow sunlight to stream across the modern yellow interior that features spacious workstations and comfortable client meeting areas.

The renovation is a hit with staff and clients but also helps him to keep positive on challenging days.

So a deft design touch can help you create a buzzing environment that’s full of energy.

Office Mezzanines

If you’re renting a large warehouse and targeting clients in the logistics sector, creating a versatile space is vital.

Installing mezzanine floors can help you maximise storage space so your tenant gets more for their money.

Or the same system can create a new floor for a fabulous office that provides the office manager with an aerial view of their entire stock and a comfortable environment for meetings.

So if you’ve invested in a large shed or warehouse and are looking for a competitive edge, mezzanines might be the way to go.

Securing a property in the right location goes a long way toward attracting tenants.

But these three hacks should give your office property a competitive edge that encourages clients to sign on the dotted line.

Do you have any tips for refurbishing a commercial property? Share your stories in the comments section.



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