Maximise Your Exposure Using The Following Strong Social Media Specifics

When you utilize social media tricks to gain exposure towards a platform or object of sale, you need to place it in the right areas. If you don’t, you risk missing out on your demographic entirely. Remember, the ‘sharing’ culture of social media means that you don’t have to worry about targeting your campaign to people who simply aren’t interested in it.


Take the following example. You are a businessman trying to sell a certain brand of socks that are popular for athletes who need breathable fabrics. Instead of opting to sell the product towards those looking for underwear, if you market them to athletes primarily and sponsor those on Instagram, you will be using their platform to expose your product for a fraction of the cost of trying to include everyone. Not only that, every time an interested party ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ your posts or links, that activity is then shared with every single person on their friend’s list. This exponential exposure is something you can really take advantage of, as long as you’re wise about it.


There are other ways to profit from these trends, too, such as:


Metadata Analysis


Any form of data should be of use to you as a social media tycoon. It’s important for you to understand who is clicking, where they are clicking from, and how they clicked. This last point is of profound significance, because if you know what form of device they are viewing your platform on, you might be able to make amendments to your current social media strategy and best improve your advertisements compatibility with said area. Using Epilson’s email trends and benchmarking report will help you assess further information regarding how clients engage with your platform. Analysing success always allows you to begin replicating said success, and there’s hardly a more valuable tool than that in your digital marketing strategy.




As these benchmarking reports suggest, combining your social media strategy with those already tried and tested might help you overcome the biggest hurdle in any digital marketing strategy – staying relevant. In our disposable culture many people have noticed just how easily things are forgotten. You might be able to see this in your own life. You might have watched a funny video or seen an interesting post this morning that has now been completely forgotten by the afternoon. At the time, it served a purpose, but it didn’t have the necessary sway to embed itself as part of your life.


Fortunately, there are ways around this when trying to expose something. Going for a three pronged marketing strategy is usually the most beneficial. This looks like combining a text, video and email format for clients to engage and find your platform. After trying to sell something, you must always allow a box next to your advertisement that allows the consumer to be sent more information. After a successful sale of the product, sign your customer up to your email newsletter so they are aware of upcoming promotions. This way, you keep that line of contact open, and that is always important when so much competition exists in every industry.


With a little luck and careful planning, you too can be the next marketing social media success.



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