3 Immediate Benefits a Social Media Management Platform Offers a Small Business

For any small business, you’re looking for an unlimited amount of ways to help save you time and maximize each and every second of your day to the fullest extent. One thing that can take an extended amount of involvement is a social media marketing plan.

You’ve created several social profiles across different channels and want to dive into a social posting strategy that will help get your small business’s services noticed. The problem is, going from one profile to the next and posting on a daily basis is taking away from your business’s internal needs.

That’s where a social media management platform comes into play. Curious about the  kinds of benefits an SMM tool brings to your business? See for yourself:

Benefit #1: Prioritization to a whole other level

When you first created an account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you were probably dreading having to go from one network to the other just to stay in the know and keep up to date with all the latest news, right?

With a social media management tool like MarketMeSuite–an Inbox for Social that helps small and mid-sized businesses prioritize, organize and engage smarter across their social profiles–you’re actually able to prioritize all three networks with an email inbox-style tab that allows you to have all three streamlined in one feed or individually separated. This allows you and your business to have all your social profiles set up in one place.

Having fewer tabs opened up on your browser is pretty nice, right?

Benefit #2: Posting Perfection and Super Scheduling

You woke up this morning with the intent of manually clicking from one network to the other and sending out a social post to your followers. That gets a bit tiring and time consuming doesn’t it?

One of the major perks of a social media management scheduling tool is giving you the capability to:

1. Send a post out across multiple channels and profiles.


2. Schedule a post to be sent out to those channels and profiles for a later time.

3. Directly add an image into the post, immediately spicing it up with a visual appeal.

And, with MarketMeSuite’s “Shorty”  feature, when you shorten a link that you’ve directly added in a social post, you can track every click, giving you access to what kind of social posts are most effective.

Benefit #3: Getting more “Real” with Your Fans and Followers

It’s great that you and your small business are starting to get the word out there about what you have to offer on social media. You’ve probably had a fair amount of  people “Liking” your Facebook Page and “Following” you on Twitter, but do those people have any interest in you beyond that?

This is where a tool like Real-time Search lends a helping hand in not only helping you find the right fans and followers, but assisting you in finding leads as well. Who says you can’t turn social media usage into conversions for your business?

With Real-time Search, you can do a number of things, such as:

1. Cutting through the clutter and finding social posts based on a search term.

2. Filtering out posts from Facebook or Twitter based on that search term.

3. Choosing what social profile the status updates or tweets should filter through.

The one major benefit that Real-time Search also brings to the table is geo-targeting. If you’re a local business this feature will help immensely. Geo-targeting allows you to put in a location that will be fed through search and only show status updates or tweets that are from that specific location. After you put in the location you can then choose how far the targeting can go (the distance).

Here’s an example of a Real-time Search.

Say you run a chiropractic service in the heart of Boston. You’re looking to find some new clients around the area. This is how your Real-time Search would be set up as:

Within moments, your search will have a feed filled with users on Twitter or Facebook (depending on which network you chose to have the search go through) who are searching for a chiropractor in the location that you targeted.

If one or two social posts within the feed jump out at you as a potential customer, you can mark them as a lead right within the MarketMeSuite dashboard and engage with them directly.

With a social media management tool like MarketMeSuite, you’ll be able to prioritize all your social profiles in one place, send and schedule out social posts through multiple channels in one click and go beyond fans and followers to find leads that will directly impact your business.

And, most importantly, you’ll be saving so much time that you’ll actually be able to leave the office at a decent hour. Social media management is pretty cool, right?

Have you done much research in regards to using a social media management tool for your business? Already using one, how’s it working out so far?

Pat Hutchinson is the Content Specialist for MarketMeSuite, who was the pilot program for Constant Contact’s SMB Innovation Loft. When he isn’t writing up social media tips and tricks for readers, he enjoys mixing a bit of the marketing world with his passion for sports. 



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