Twitter, what else is there to know?

In March 2014 what do you need to know as a business owner about twitter? Leadamo Academy investigates.

Twitter continues to morph into a full scale marketing machine. Its tribe increases and every 2 days 1 billion tweets are served up. This might fill you with horror or dread. It might make you think there’s no point even competing in such a crowded market place. Think again.

Firstly, you are not going to see anything like a billion tweets and why would you want to anyway?

Secondly as a business you need to use twitter to fillet your followers (not literally I hasten to add!) and target segmented groups

Thirdly You have to understand how people use twitter and how you might leverage that behaviour to drive awareness and sales.

Twitter what else is there to know? Plenty!

Target carefully on twitter says Leadamo Academy
Target carefully on twitter says Leadamo Academy

If you think that 80% of twitter users access their social media accounts via  mobile then there are other things to consider.

If you are on the move you feel, act and think differently than when you are behind a desk accessing a conventional computer.

Consider this: you are commuting, on a train, it’s held up or the train is late and you use the time created to check your twitter feed. If you are a company or brand that can access this downtime opportunity you have a creative window you can pop up into. Think of the Kindle titles that might be downloaded to use up the waiting time. Think about targeting commuters on a station from the local coffee outlet offering a discount to anyone who can prove their train is delayed. Think about special offers that might be sent out for commuters. Do you see where we are going here?

Added to this opportunity people are even grateful!

31% of consumers who complete a purchase via twitter tweet about it afterwards. How cool is that? In the old days all you could rely on was someone carrying a bag with your logo round town. But this? Well, social media is different. twitter is a news stream and the news is ‘I just saved 25% on this pair of shoes! Don’t miss out!’ It’s what’s termed a ‘powerful virtuous circle’ maybe the new religion huh?

Customer service has just had a massive boost on twitter.

You can respond in real time and answer someone’s need immediately. ‘I need a social media management application as I am being driven crazy!’ ‘I need a  #takeaway delivered to my house in xxx can anyone help?’ The opportunities are varied and they don’t stop at the end of business hours. Think of that!

Something else to consider is that 3 in 5 tweeters  tweet at home

They do it when they are relaxing on the sofa in front of the tv. So what? Well, consider this, they are relaxed, open minded, unoccupied and receptive to an intriguing message. So you’d have to consider the tone of your message right? If you are in the market of selling art cards like a small niche marketing company such as New Fantasy Art would you use an episode of Torchwood, Game of Thrones or Merlin to set up some kind of appropriate marketing message? #gameofthrones might get you somewhere or #fantasy for example.

Bear in mind that 94% of twitter users research or search for products on their mobile before they purchase.

Will they find you?

It’s time to tailor your audience so they suit you (see what we did there? lol)

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