3 Little Marketing Ideas to Make a Big Difference

When people think of marketing, they consider big campaigns with wholly irritating jingles that manage to worm into your brain and stay there until the next big marketing campaign comes along. Even now, you can surely remember some song from back when you were a kid. Annoying? Yes, but it also showed that the strategy worked.


These campaigns can cost money, and for small businesses, that’s not something you always have to spend. The thing is, you don’t need to spend a lot to make a splash. So here are 3 little marketing ideas to make a big difference for your brand. 


Everyone Loves a Freebie


They do indeed. Promotional Merchandise is a fantastic way for your business to push the brand and get the word out about who you are and what you do without spending thousands of dollars on expansive social media or billboard ads. 


These freebies can be anything you like. But most often, it is things such as pens, pencils, and USB flash drives that are most popular. This is because these are things that people will always need, and it’s more convenient than going through the rigamarole of purchasing one off Amazon. Whenever they need it, they will see your brand, and they might even research it. If you have what they need, you can expect them to get in touch. 


Catch Their Eye With Infographics


Infographics are those pretty pictures that explain big concepts in an easy-to-understand way, and they are all over the internet. If you’ve got a talented design team, you can jump on the infographic train, too. 


While you can rely on other infographics designers, it’s always better to make your own. For one, you show that you understand the nuances and intricacies of the subject, whatever that is. Secondly, you don’t redirect readers to the source, which keeps them on your page or website and could encourage them to use your service. 


Partner Up, Cowboys and Girls


Sometimes, you need a more prominent company to help you get noticed. Even for grassroots businesses who swore they’d never be like the Big Boys, this is something that can be highly beneficial. Using established companies to push your brand into the consciousness of your potential audience will save you plenty of money on larger marketing campaigns. 


Typically, small businesses do this by taking referrals or offering discounts for customers who use both services. Other times, the bigger business will direct customers to your brand, or provide a deal for you. It’s possible to use an established national brand, although this is difficult. Most small enterprises will seek out local businesses with an excellent reputation to try and boost their sales and revenue, especially early on. 


Big Ambitions


It might feel like you can only make your company grow by investing big in substantial marketing campaigns. However, often, it’s the smaller parts of your strategy that are most effective. Aside from this, they are also low risk, but also have the potential to be highly rewarding, and in business, that’s sometimes the best way to approach anything. 


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