5 Brilliant And Creative Ways To Promote Your T Shirt Brand

A Successful Business Need Promotion To Attract New Customers. This Isn’t As Easy As It Seems But These 5 Promotional Ideas Will Give You A Head Start!

5 Ways To Promote Your T Shirt Brand

Promoting your brand is essential but isn’t always as easy, especially if you are competing in a busy market with plenty of competition. If this is the case, then there is a solid chance you have exhausted all the traditional methods and you are looking elsewhere to try and get a foot in against the competition. This list of 5 ways to promote your t shirt brand should see an increase in your brand popularity!

1. Social Media
Ensuring you have complete and up to date social media profiles is essential, with 16-24-year old’s spending upwards of 3 hours a day on social media it makes clear sense why this is top of the list. This is no longer a box ticking exercise however, you must be active as this is a place where potential customers will ask questions and engage with your profiles, so you need to be ready to respond.

2. Influencers
Despite this marketing technique being a flash in the pan, it is still possible to use influencers as part if your strategy without spending a fortune on nothing. Don’t be dazzled by follower numbers, after all the majority of those are likely to be fake or dead profiles. Engagement is the key to success here, and if you can find an influencer within your niche then starting here would be a great test.

3. Great Website
Just like any online shop, a successful t shirt printing business needs a great website, as this gives users the ability to find your products through search engines, then once they are on your site they can find the products they want and checkout, and because of the ease of use and great experience the customers return. Check out the website of clothing printing giants Banana Moon to see how they have managed to create a great website experience.

4. Tell a Story
A great way to captivate an audience is through creating a brand story. A brand story represents your company and the principles in which it stands for. This then sets a stage for every single interaction that customers will have with your brand through every step of the user buying journey and should define the purpose of your company to individuals both within and externally of your business.

5. Create Valuable Content
A key to successfully promoting your t shirt brand is dependent on being visible when users are searching for your products and in order for this to happen, valuable content in essential. The term valuable refers to what value the content offers to the user, for example a written piece about how the company started, or an infographic which highlights the manufacturing process or what about a video about your business and what the company stands for.


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