3 Online Tools for Your eCommerce Business

If you are running an eCommerce business, you will know just how stressful it can sometimes be. It’s definitely an industry for someone who has a passion for it.

However, the internet is a generous god. Not only did it give you the chance to sell products without a premises, but it offers a lot of means of making that business a lot easier. There are loads of online resources like software applications to help the big things feel more manageable and outright automate a few small things. If you’re interested, read our blog.


Trello is the project management tool for the digital age. You will not be able to help but stay organized with its unusually fun design making you more productive, but not stressed.

If you have a team, you can use the platform in everyday situations to distribute work evenly amongst your staff, making sure that everyone is pulling their weight. Simply make a card for each employee and assign them a checklist of tasks for them to work through.On the other hand, if you have a big project coming up, you can break it down into smaller pieces that will be easier to work with. Use it to keep track of your own progress or to share the tasks amongst your team.

Blueprint Automation

So, you’ve got your product whittled down to perfection. Now what? Your products need to arrive in something, especially if they are some form of food. You can’t dump a load of dog biscuits into a customer’s hand, can you? So, now it’s time to think of packaging.

Blueprint Automation can help there. Choose from one of a dozen packaging options, including pillow bags, tubs for ice cream and yoghurt and even pizza trays.

From there you can work with Blueprint Automation on the graphics of your packaging and then choose how you want your packages laid out and what container you want them shipped in. When you’re done, you’re ready to ship your products to your customers.


Shipping is often the more forgotten element of eCommerce, and yet the most important. Once you’ve got the product to its best state and enough eyes on it to want to buy it, you’ll need to get it to your customers. And with customer service limited by the nature of buying over the internet, the thing they will judge you on is how good your shipping is.

Zendbox can help out there. With their constant tracking of items you can watch your items go from warehouse to front door, allowing you to solve problems before they arrive. Watch the items from the helpful platform and keep an eye on stock numbers so that you can refill when you need to.

Zendbox works in integration with loads of major shipping companies, including eBay, Amazon, Hermes, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail and more, so you can use their platform to keep watch over your products no matter who they are going with.


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