‘3 Reasons Why Local SEO is Important

SEO is a marketing tool used to boost the levels of web traffic, leads, and brand awareness. Local SEO works in the same way but from a local search. Local SEO can be improved in standard ways such as maximizing the use of relevant keywords, through optimizing Google’s My Business profile and building NAP citations.

Local SEO is critical to the success of many small businesses and here are three reasons why.

Local SEO searches make up a huge chunk of the SEO world
It uses a different set of ranking factors
Timing can be pivotal

It’s reported that a high percentage of online searches are local and that usually means limited to a radius of a few miles. Therefore, if your location isn’t present in the keywords you use in your marketing, these searches won’t pick up your business. Local SEO relies on NAP citations, Google Maps ratings, and first and foremost the location of the person searching. My Business presence and online reviews are also key.

Local SEO also has a short time limit, as often local businesses are needed urgently, and a person’s location can change. For trades that rely on local business, such as tradesmen, garages, and storage facilities, local SEO can have a huge impact on their success. Imagine if a customer is looking for storage near their home. They wouldn’t search “the best storage in the country”, instead the location is fundamental. Here is a Storist infographic displaying the effect of local SEO on storage companies.

Infographic designed by: Storist


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