3 Things to Look For When Looking For Magento Agency

There is no doubt that Magento Adobe Commerce is the hottest eCommerce platform today. It boasts robust features, unlimited hosting control, unrivaled site customization, tons of extensions. Magento Adobe Commerce supports numerous B2B features, over 310,000 online websites and many more B2B distributors and manufacturers are switching to the platform with each passing day.

With its many benefits, it’s a no-brainer why don’t you make that switch. But maybe, the next question now is how are you going to scout for a good Magento developer?

What You Need to Look for in Magento Agency

Before you start looking for a Magento agency, there are some things you have to do first. The most important considerations are your requirements and budget. It is also recommended to take into account that Magento requires support and maintenance, so please be sure that the agency you’ll choose will be able to provide quality Magento Support.

Once you determine what help you need and how much money you are willing to spend, start looking for a Magento agency based on the following qualifying factors:

Solution Partners

Solution partners basically answer the question of what services do you need and the scope of work you want the agency to do. Here is a rundown of the different Magento Partner classifications and what they can do for you:

Global Elite Solution Partner

This is a huge team composed of certified developers, managers, and consultants with varying degrees of expertise. Global elite solutions offer almost all kinds of Magento development and maintenance jobs. If you have a big company, choose this type of agency.

Enterprise Solution Partner

Provides almost the same services as the global elite solution partner, but with a lesser number of employees.

Professional Solution Partner

This is a smaller business solution partner with team members that can help you manage your online business regularly.

Business Solution Partner

This agency is composed of a small team specializing in developing and managing new Magento websites. Business solutions mainly focused on start-up businesses that are making a switch to Magento as a platform for their online store.

Service Quote

Know that you know what type of agency you need, it’s time that you ask for a quote. Ask them for an estimated cost of your project and what services do they offer.

At this stage, pay attention to the following details:

Clientele: What type of clients do they usually handle? Check out their websites, it will give you an idea of the services they provide.

Workforce: Ask how many employees/teams they have to determine how many will work for your project if you choose to work with a particular agency.

Certifications: Always ask if they are Magento Solution Partner and Magento certified partner.

Testimonials and Reviews: Read what their previous clients said about their performance. If 30% of the feedback is negative, keep looking.

Cost: Determine how much you will spend for their service and how much is the expected profit.

Security & Data Integrity

With every extension comes security risks. Make sure that the agency you chose can secure the back-end and front-end that can hold sensitive customer data. Bad security is also connected with poor performance, server outages, scalability issues, or other grave technical glitches.

It’s also important to mention intellectual property & code ownership. Ownership of the new updates should be transferred over during the development process.


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