3 Tips to Make Your House the Perfect Airbnb

Do you live in a big house and have one or more empty rooms? Maybe you have a second home you never visit. If you want to make some extra cash, you should consider putting your house, or an extra room, on websites, such as Airbnb, for people to rent for a few days or a few weeks. But, making your house available to other people isn’t as easy as marketing it. So, here are three tips to help you make your house the perfect Airbnb.

1.) Update Your Space

While some people enjoy the typical bed and breakfast home feel, most people want to vacation in a luxurious spot, but for a cheaper price. This is why people look into booking something like an Airbnb. So, if your space seems outdated, you may want to update it. This doesn’t mean that you should completely renovate your house, but you can take simple design steps that will make an overwhelming difference. This can include painting the walls a lighter color to lighten up the space. You could also do small DIY’s, like adding extra shelving, making a wall decal, or another design feature. Also, most people who like to stay in a home away from home expect the house to have cable and Wi-Fi. So, if you don’t have these things, you should look into getting them.

2.) Use the Internet to Help

If you feel lost on how to design your house, or how to market it, look into a services Hostmaker & Airbnb. Hostmaker is a phenomenal service that could help you turn your house into a comfort getaway into a luxurious vacation, and only for a small fee. They offer 5-star cleaning staff, linen rentals, and check-in services, and that’s just to name a few things that they offer. So, instead of worrying about your favorite sheets getting ruined, or having to clean your house, by yourself, after someone stays, use Hostmaker. The other website is Airbnb. Airbnb is a safe and reliable way to market your house to others. Not only is the website extremely popular, but it is also reliable, and their customer support ensures that you get paid. Thus, with Airbnb, you can safely rent your place to people who are traveling from all corners of the world.

3.) Have Amenities

Lastly, you should add some amenities to your home. A common thing that most people, who use their home as an Airbnb, have is a complementary bottle of wine. You could even step it up, and offer a variety of alcohol. Another amenity that you could offer is a food basket. Finally, if your home is located in a popular tourist location, such as Los Angeles, supply each of your guests with a map, the best restaurants in town, where to go shopping, places they need to sightsee, and anything else they would need to know about your town.


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