3 travel firms with dynamic digital marketing

‘Customer experience’ is currently the rallying call for off- and online marketers: it’s the goal that each strand of their campaigns aim at.

And it also aligns well with travel marketing, where selling new and exciting experiences is the lifeblood of the business.

So companies in the sector who innately understand these concepts are quick to capitalise on the ways digital media can help them deliver for customers.

The following firms are three of the best. Take a look and pick up some tips.

  1. Finallorca

Finding Mallorca vacation villas with Fincallorca from a choice of hundreds of properties is easy.

And their dominance in this destination is thanks in no small part to their Facebook marketing savvy.

By retargeting potential customers with personalised dynamic product ads, they drove a significant increase in click-through rates and conversions.

Dynamic Facebook product ads increased their relevant website traffic and achieved a conversion rate that’s 62 per cent higher than other remarketing ads on the social network, a 54 per cent higher click-through rate and their lowest-ever cost per conversion.

Interest and demographic targeting on Facebook also enable the firm to ensure their content reaches relevant potential customers when their intent is primed.

  1. Virgin Atlantic

In March 2018, iconic carrier Virgin Atlantic announced that it was expanding its in-house creative department to infuse creativity in its digital presence and connect even more effectively with customers.

But over the years, the brand has maintained a fresh stream of relevant and shareable web content and connected naturally with its audience by customers learning about travel through the Virgin Atlantic blog.

With a mixture of seasonal and evergreen pieces, travel and lifestyle topics and articles that emphasise company culture and social responsibility, it’s a regularly-updated register of all things Virgin.

A well-written travel blog with attractive imagery and video content remains one of the best ways to boost SEO, increase engagement and enhance authority.

  1. Looking4.com

Intuitive and user-friendly web design, reliable results and easy booking are fundamentals which make online holiday customers choose one company over the other, and some operators have these elements down to a tee, no matter how niche your query.

For example, finding airport parking at Luton with Looking4.com is child’s play thanks to their simple online form, early bird deals from partner firms and range of choices.


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