6 SEO Trends That can Improve Your Search Rankings in 2018

It is far wide, the technology is screeching faster than never before. It ushers to new walkways to reach the goals faster than the time as well. So we need to equip ourselves to step along with it’s progressing technics and tricks.

SEO is undoubtedly one of the key factor that determine our visibility in the complicated digital world. Though it seems fine and fair outward, it has a utter complicated phase at the back end. Especially, for a business, if we cannot show us up on the search result we are working in vain. No one can identify us and our services in the digital globe.

So, how do we tackle the SEO part will determine our visibility and our alive status in the world wide web. And it is permeating day by day, new tricks and knacks are evolving in the search engines as well. The search engine developers are tirelessly trying to improve the user experience everyday.

Let’s check some of the new and prevaileing progressive SEO trends to follow.

Reliability matters

As technology is climbing new peaks of success, there is an another side we are to heed into. That is the cybercriminal activities. Leveraging the advanced technologies there are few who lurks to loot and snatch the customers and equally the businesses.

So, customers are more concerned about their security and integrity in the digital world. So it is mandatory to every website to safeguard their premisis and their customers from these recekless looters.

Hence, an authentic SSL certificate on is an unavoidable part in every business websites. Moreover, search engines favors the websites with an authentic green lock with an HTTPS url as well. They will get special previlage in ranking as well.

Mobile Accessibility

We all have the world with in our palms inside our screens. It’s is as important as our life breath in today world. So, we are looking more into it each and everyday. Equally, it is very important to progressing businesses to root their presence in the customers mobile dispaly.

Thus, Accelerated Mobile Pages is a very deteminent in deciding our website’s search engine result. The convenience of customer is prime in every business. So, as the major population of the digital world is relying on mobile phone to get their adequate service. Optimizing our website to cater all the need of customer faster and furious will filip our website rank.

Still content is the king

Even so many sophistications are introduced and effectuated in the in the market. No techniques and SEO knacks cloud ever subside the prominence of quality contents. Since keywords are an essential component for ranking our website, still content is the king.

Your content should be original and unique, no one in the entire universe should’ve any possession of our content. So, as much our content will be unique that much is the chance of our websites rank to soar higher.

Imparting machine learning

Automation is streaching it’s hands over all the parts of human as well as business life. Artificial Intelligence and it’s colleagues are invading all the conventional business strategies and coming forward with innovative formulations to ease out the huaman life and work. Though it is patchy, it has an inevitable role today in ranking our website in search engines.

Since the advantage of Rank Brain an artificial intelligence system coined by Google algoritm Humming Bird, the way Google shows up the result has changed significantly. It paved a new path to SEO strategies than ever before.

It helps to personalise the search result for every particular user with their search history and search habit and provides a better answer.

Be friendly as much as possible

Users are the prime focus of every business. So, being friendly with the users/customers give us browni points and higher ranking points as well.

If a customer feels comfy over a website, that we have can leverage it through a sundry of ways. A good review, user recommendations, more traffic and thereby conversions as well.

Also, our website will get more SEO benefits as well. Google gives special incentives to those website that loads faster and treats customers fair.

The new voice of search


We might’ve heard voice like this at least once in a while these days. The mode and the way we search for our requirements in internet is changing by far. This is the age of voice search.

Lot of tech worms are working regurously to add more features and make it more user friendly as well. So we can hope a dramatic development in this revolutionary innovation.

So, we have to move along foreseeing the changes in technology. Our website could hear the voice of customers as well.


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