4 Innovative And Amazing Uses Of Storage Containers

Let’s start by stating the obvious; storage containers are used to store things! We all know this. However, did you know that there are other uses for storage containers? You may be surprised by the many different options you have at your disposal when it comes to these handy containers. Below, we are going to give you four great suggestions to make the most of.

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  1. A hotel – It is only right that we start with the wackiest suggestion of them all, and this is to build a hotel from storage containers. You are probably thinking that we are simply suggesting anything – next, we will be telling you to build a zoo from storage boxes! But, there is actually a basis for suggesting a hotel, and this is the fact that the Hive Inn, which is an upcoming hotel in Hong Kong, is going to be made entirely from storage containers and steel beams. If you take a look at the pictures online you will see that the design is incredible. The way the hotel is set out is designed to present a huge number of advertising opportunities for businesses that want to have their own themed container placed within the Hive Inn. You will struggle to find a design as unique as this one.
  2. An art studio – There have also been art studios that have been made using storage containers, with the prime example being the New York art studio designed by MB Architecture. This was built using two storage containers; resulting in a two-story art studio. It is certainly impressive. After all, it is not often that you find an art studio whereby the building can match the creativity of the artwork that is found inside of it. This is something that is assured to impress your customers. After all, you want to show that you have an innovative and creative flair as an artist, and a storage container gallery will guarantee this.
  3. A restaurant – If you do a quick search on the Internet, you will see that there have actually been a number of restaurants and cafes that have been created using storage containers, especially pop up establishments. One that particularly comes to mind is Wahaca, which is a Mexican restaurant that was launched in the Southbank Centre in London in 2013. The storage container still retains its rustic vibe and you can tell what it has been made from, yet it has, of course, been modified and features large glass windows so that you can look across the Thames.
  4. A swimming pool – The final suggestion is a swimming pool. If you take a look at the work of Stefan Beese, who is an architect that is located in New Orleans, you will be amazed. Stefan has created a pool using a storage container, and you would never be able to tell by simply looking at it. He sourced a container that did not have large dents or any rust, and he used anti-corrosive paint to ensure durability. The 20 x 8-foot pool certainly impresses.



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