4 Niche Social Networks Every Marketer Should Know About:

As a marketing specialist, you’re probably aware of the incredible potential behind social media. What might come as a surprise is that the web is rich in niche social networks that don’t appear in mainstream media. Social media is not just about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – there are lots of digital outlets and interest groups focused around every possible topic. Why are niche social media so valuable? Read on to find out.

It’s true that the mainstream social networks attract a wide range of people, some of which have the potential to become your target audience. Seen from the perspective of a marketer, niche social networks offer an incredible opportunity for connecting with an audience, which is already engaged in the subject of our activities. In other words, there will be less need for targeting or segmentation – the latter being a real deal-breaker when it comes to boosting conversion rates.

Devoting all your marketing efforts exclusively to the top players in the social media game might be a huge mistake .Before you plan your marketing campaign, have a look around to see whether there are any existing groups, networks or communities that are already interested in what you’re offering. Here are some examples of niche social networks that every marketer should be aware of.

Behance (http://www.behance.net/)

Home to the creative folk of the web, Behance is probably one of the largest networks for all matters of visual artists – graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and interaction designers.

If your product or service is targeted at the creative, why not try to see whether Behance can offer new perspectives on marketing. After all, it’s a great place to connect with people who can offer valuable insights about the industry and help you in your trend research.

Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/)

This is a network that can help you to organize any kind of event you have in mind. How does it work? Meetup provides you with information about all kinds of events that are taking place in your area. You can host or attend a wide range of meetings, from lifestyle, health and literature to marketing, pets and software development.

If you’re looking for a way to market your product or service, Meetup can give you a unique opportunity to connect with other attendees – even before you actually meet.

Quora (https://www.quora.com/)

Quora is the ultimate place to go when searching for answers to questions about literally everything – from coding and marketing to tourism and graphic design. Incidentally, it’s a great place for conducting industry research. You can simply ask a question and see various perspectives pop up in no time.

Quora is an excellent place for communicating with your audience – you can answer questions related to your industry, your competitors or even your brand. When providing opinions, always be transparent and state what company you work for. When used intelligently, Quora can help you to become one of the industry’s thought leaders.

Gentlemint (http://gentlemint.com/)

We all know Pinterest. Not quite as many people know about Gentlemint, a kind of Pinterest for men, where instead of food porn, fashion and the hottest accessories, you get cars, sports and other things that stereotypically appeal to men.

If you work for a male-oriented brand, this can be an excellent place for conducting some insightful research about the tastes of the male demographic. You can even use Gentlemint to promote your brand or organize a contest. It will also help people engage with your service or product on a more meaningful level.

Nicole Davies is online content executive at ShortCourseFinder.com.au, a website providing a simple way to find and sign up for online short courses from Australia’s top providers.


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