How You Can Overdo Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, but you may actually overdo the social media presence of your company. Potential customers will not find you an attractive pick when flooded with dozens of Facebook posts each day, trying to break through your tweets in search of something valuable or having you pop onto their screen every time they log into Google+. Also, failing to post non-company related content or focusing too much on self-advertising could prove to be a highway to marketing mediocrity. Last but not least, ignoring the power of online niche platforms is bound to stop true industry geeks from learning about your enterprise. If you have a feeling that your social media presence has just been described in detail, continue reading to find out how not to appear too pushy and yet not let your customers forget about your online – and real life – existence.

The initial step you should consider implementing is developing the right strategy for each of the social media platforms you use. One of the most popular ones, Facebook, tends to update a lot slower than others and for that reason may require a maximum of 1-2 posts a day – enough to get you noticed, but not enough to earn you an “unlike”. Google+, even though rather new on the social media market, has already created its own style and also prompts to go for the safe “one post a day”. You may focus the rest of your energy on Twitter, where things seem to move so quickly that it is common to put your two cents in as often as every few hours.

Aiming at boosting your sales results, increasing the rates and gaining new customers is understandable, though self-promotion could as well turn against you. When? Again – when you overdo it. Mixing advertising information with news from the industry or a little bit of entertainment could work wonders, despite overall drop in purely promotional posts. Another way to approach the potential customer is to smuggle the ad through or as an addition to another piece of information or news. Whichever strategy you choose, keep in mind that your audience longs for attention and expects you to be the cure to their problems. It is necessary to put your readers, and not yourself, in the centre of the message.

Being in control of your business, you clearly know its potential audience and their deeply-rooted concerns and points of focus. Equipped in that knowledge and looking to increase their interest in your company, you need to follow in their online footsteps and act your marketing plan out. Countless forums, blogs and other social media platforms, where numbers of people gather to create groups and exchange information and advice on their specific niches, is exactly where you need to be to appeal to those who care the most. By the same token, avoiding online tools that could hardly serve your purpose – for example Pinterest or Instagram when your power is in services and not products – should help you make more conscious decisions and let the customer know they can put their trust in you.

When you want to benefit from the prevalence of Internet and let your online presence aid your marketing endeavours, knowing how social media works is part of the game. Be it finding balance in the frequency of updates, establishing the perfect ratio of promotional versus entertaining posts or reducing your online presence to the social media type that is tailored to your company’s individual needs, by enforcing the above tips in your company’s routine you will be more likely to win your prospective audience over – and make them stay.

Monique Craig is a marketing specialist, who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace, which connects customers with local service providers.


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